Equip your agents to handle the ever-increasing call volume without losing on a great member experience with NovelVox Agent Desktop for Credit Unions. Experience the power of integration and automation for your backend systems and telephony.

Personalized member experience

Access member information such as account details, card summary, loan details and more with seamless integration with Symitar, Fiserv and more.

  • Greet member with the first name
  • No more screen juggling with a 360-degree view of customer information
  • Call the selected member from the list
Credit Union Agent Desktop

Optimize Agent Performance

Equip agents with interaction history, account comments and dialog history to stay focused on the call context instead of struggling between multiple applications. Agents can handle more number of calls in a given time

  • Improved First Call Resolution (FCR) with all account details in front
  • Reduced Average Handling Time (AHT) that creates a better reputation
  • Reduced hold time with the single screen view
Credit Union Agent Desktop

Empower Agents and members

Agent desktop allows agents to have access to agent phonebook and quick links, thereby empowering them to assist member’s accounts like changing passwords on request etc.

  • Seek assistance from agent’s online
  • Set up quick links for most required sites during a call
  • Block/unblock card and more on same screen
Credit Union Agent Desktop

Seamless Integration with

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

24/7 Support &

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