Why Your Finesse Contact Center Needs A Unified Agent Desktop

Contact Center Needs A Unified Agent Desktop

It is an unsaid truth that to improve agent efficiency; you need to have contact center software in place. NovelVox Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop is the solution your contact center requires to boost customer experience. Today where experience is all that matters, you can risk losing your existing customer base and prospects. So, here is why you need to switch to NovelVox Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop.

Unified View

Cluttered desktop with the juggling of the screen can never help you achieve what your contact center needs. This issue is resolved permanently by Finesse desktop. It offers a 360-degree view of customer information, leaving no further need for switching between applications while on the call. All required fields are auto-updated on receiving a call. Thereby improving call resolution and handle time.

Personalized Experience

Agent desktop is a support system for agents and experience builder for customers. With 3rd party integration, the software empowers agents with customer information even before answering the call. Now, the agent can address a caller by the first name and offer a personalized experience. This saves the customer from repeating information and further delights him.

Optimized Workspace

NovelVox Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop further eases the life of agents by offering an optimized interface basis for your business vertical or industry. You can anytime customize basis the current requirements with easy drag and drop designer tool. You don’t need to be a coding expert to modify interface any day. It reduces average handle time as an agent has instant access to required fields for query handling. There is no need to juggle between applications to search for the required data that frustrates the callers.

Cisco Finesse Agent Desktop


Cisco Finesse agent desktop reduces operational costs largely. It enables an agent to resolve queries at the earliest with the over 70 3rd party application integration. Further, it is a savior during call spike season when multiple agents can use a single set up based on shift timings. The easy to use interface saves crucial time of agent lost in training over the new workspace.

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Built-in Tools

Taking the process of resolution, a step further, the desktop offers built-in productivity tools. This helps agents handle customer queries more efficiently and sound more informative to the customers. For the first time callers, these tools can act as a magic wand and built loyalty in them. The pre-built tools include a Knowledge Base, ticketing tool, agent scripting tool, and more. So, the newbie agents can sound more professional and experienced with information on what needs to be pitched next. And there will be reduced incidents of agents making a miss with the ability to handle tickets without losing call context.

Inter-team Bonding

In the busy schedule, agents need to communicate with each other and with employees to improve their performance. Such interactions keep them positive and support while on call. An agent can access the phonebook and contact any of the team members when on a call to resolve issues or transfer them call if required. Even supervisors can be contacted for assistance while on a call for higher call resolution.

The list does not end here. To know more about the Finesse agent desktop visit here.

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