Power up Your Cisco Contact Center with ServiceNow CTI Implementation

Servicenow Cisco CTI Integration

Want to prepare your Cisco Contact Center for superior customer service delivery? ServiceNow CTI could be the missing piece in your strategy!

Customer Service is a critical part of any contact center and has a considerable impact on improving performance metrics and ensuring customer loyalty. While the core principles of customer service haven’t changed much, the expectations of customers definitely have. Now, to be able to live up to or exceed customer expectations, optimizing your Cisco Contact Center is a necessity. And ServiceNow CTI can assist you in this optimization strategy.

Let’s delve deeper into the topic to decode the what, why, and how of Cisco and ServiceNow Integration.

What’s the Need for Integrating Cisco and ServiceNow?

There is a stark contrast between the functioning of contact centers of the past and in contemporary times. In traditional contact centers, it was common practice for agents to perform tasks manually – from dialing numbers and updating customer data, all while juggling between multiple screens. This approach was not only inefficient but also consumed agents’ valuable time and diverted them from focusing on the strategic task of converting leads.

ServiceNow Cisco CTI Integration
The introduction of ServiceNow Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) can bridge this gap by automating routine manual tasks and streamlining workflows. By linking your Cisco phone system and ServiceNow, you can give your agents access to all essential call controls and valuable caller information directly within the ServiceNow interface. This way, your organization can leverage the full potential of a streamlined customer service process with simplified communication, prompt response times, and an efficient environment for agents and customers alike.

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How ServiceNow CTI Integration Works?

ServiceNow CTI Integration provides a seamless method to improve interaction efficiency by linking your Cisco phone system with the ServiceNow platform. When an incoming call is directed to an agent, the customer information is auto-populated on the ServiceNow interface.

How ServiceNow CTI Integration Works
In case calls are directed based on IVR inputs, agents can get even more insightful information, such as Automatic Number identification, background details, Automatic Call Distributor, etc. The CTI server also tracks call movements followed by receiving data from integrated applications, which is displayed to the agent as a screen pop.

This sophisticated linkage of Cisco telephony and ServiceNow can pave the way for a more informed communication experience, boosting agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Key Features of ServiceNow CTI Integration

An investment in integration technology demonstrates the importance you place on improving the way you sell to customers. Here are some features of ServiceNow CTI that can help you excel in customer service delivery:

⦿ Seamless Call Handling

The integrated ServiceNow CTI interface provides agents with one-click controls for answering, transferring, consulting, holding, and conferencing calls. This feature eliminates the need for manual call-handling operations and enables them to deliver optimal service with ease. The Click-to-dial feature turns phone numbers into clickable links that can be used to place outbound calls, removing the need for slow and error-prone manual dialing.

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⦿ Reporting and Call Logging

The Automatic call logging and recording feature of ServiceNow CTI ensures that all the information is tracked regularly. This means agents can stay stress-free from entering incorrect data or forgetting to log information. With fewer chances for error and a record of every call in ServiceNow, your agents can get a complete view of activity. With interaction logging, agents can also keep track of essential details such as the length of calls and subjects discussed.

⦿ Intelligent Routing

When call volumes are high, assigning calls as per the skill of the agent becomes pivotal for business productivity. ServiceNow CTI Connectors automate this call-routing process and direct the calls to agents that are most suited to resolve customer queries. By aligning the unique skills and proficiencies of the agents with the nature of customer queries, intelligent routing minimizes wait times for customers and ensures their issues are addressed promptly.

⦿ Automated Screen Pop

Today, customers have little patience to stay at the end of a line for hours, waiting for a response or being tossed around from one agent to the next. They want quick responses and solutions to their queries. The screen pop feature searches and displays customer information on the agent’s screen as soon as a call comes in. So, the agent knows the customer and why they are calling without juggling between screens to fetch data.

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⦿ Performance Management

With ServiceNow CTI, it becomes easier to track and manage agent performance. The integrated Cisco telephony system and ServiceNow application empower businesses to gather real-time data and use it to make informed decisions about their operations. Supervisors can ensure agent productivity and improve their performance by keeping track of call duration and customer interactions through features like barge-in, silent monitoring, and whisper-in functionalities.

⦿ Third-party Integrations

The Cisco Contact Center operations can further be optimized through the seamless integration of business applications, such as Knowledge Base, Case Management, etc., within the ServiceNow Connector interface, giving agents complete control over the interaction process. Such an integration amplifies agent productivity and ensures the delivery of consistent customer experiences.

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Contact Center Integration
How Does Cisco & ServiceNow Integration Benefit Businesses?

The Integration of Cisco and ServiceNow allows you to create one complete customer communication platform, which brings many benefits:

⦿ Personalize Customer Experience

One of the core aspects of effective customer service is personalization. The integration of Cisco and ServiceNow enables this by keeping the agents informed at the beginning of each call. Such insights help agents tailor their services based on individual preferences and interaction history. This can be the beginning of a long-term customer relationship.

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⦿ Unified Customer Interactions

By linking your telephony system and customer management platform, CTI Connectors provide you with a unified way to interact with your customers. The integration eliminates the need for agents to switch between multiple screens and set up the proper context for calls. This cohesive approach ensures a singular, streamlined method for engaging customers, which eradicates the need to fetch context from multiple places manually.

⦿ Reach Out to More Prospects

The more prospects you reach, the more opportunities you create and, inevitably, the more revenue you reap. ServiceNow CTI integration can expand your reach firstly by freeing up your agents from manual tasks and reducing the average call handling time, giving them the bandwidth to reach out to a broader customer base. Secondly, automated workflows and streamlined communication processes can ease the process of reaching out to potential customers.

⦿ Convert More Leads

The ultimate goal of any business is to ensure lead conversions. The integration of Cisco and ServiceNow provides agents with a comprehensive platform that can ensure effective lead management. Informed about the customer, agents can tailor their conversations, helping them to convert more conversations into sales opportunities. The seamless flow of information between the two systems also streamlines the process of lead management and ensures timely follow-ups.

⦿ Measure and Maximize Performance

The integration of Cisco and ServiceNow empowers contact center agents to view reports and dashboards from within the ServiceNow interface, such as average handle time, time in queue, dropped calls, average talk time, etc. All these standard metrics allow businesses to dig deeper into call information and gain insights about things such as how many calls it took to resolve a case, etc. Review of such detailed reporting can allow you to fill in the gaps in agent training in order to improve their performance.

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The ServiceNow CTI integration with the Cisco Contact Center is a beneficial addition to your customer service teams. The integration enriched with the innovative features of NovelVox Smart CTI Connectors allows you to refine your operational efficiency.

The dynamic synergy fortifies your teams with enhanced capabilities to deliver more efficient and personalized customer experiences. By offering real-time insights and streamlined workflows, this cutting-edge innovation allows you to not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

ServiceNow CTI Integration

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