5 Ways to Boost Customer-Centricity with ServiceNow CTI

ServiceNow CTI Integration

Adopting a customer-centric approach is a must for businesses wanting to strive ahead in the highly competitive landscape. However, businesses ought to navigate a unique challenge – achieving a balance between proactive service and an insightful understanding of customers. Seeing that customer interactions have assumed such a pivotal role, a unique need emerges, the need for a bridge – that seamlessly blends technology, insights, and human touch forming the bedrock of exceptional customer experiences.

ServiceNow CTI serves as that bridge, ensuring every interaction unfolds seamlessly and crafting experiences that are coherent, continuous, and convenient. It fills the glaring gaps between customer requirements and business capabilities, and creates way for interactions that resonate and enables customers to feel the true pulse of customer-centricity.

ServiceNow CTI Integration

Here are 5 effective ways ServiceNow CTI can boost CX:

1. Know Thy Customers with Predictive Insights

ServiceNow CTI Connector goes beyond merely displaying customer information during a call. From gathering historical data to behavioral patterns reflected throughout the customer journey, the integrated solution allows businesses to understand customer needs. Agents can make the most of these insights by proactively addressing potential issues and recommending personalized solutions. This level of foresight can allow customers to feel truly understood and valued by the organization.

Such insights about customers also enable agents to be more than just mere responders, they can become trusted advisors, offering tailored recommendations and utilizing upselling opportunities based on each customer’s unique needs.

2. Consistent Communication with Omni-channel

ServiceNow CTI syncs customer interactions across channels, be it a phone call, live chat, email, or social media interaction. Agents can easily pick up conversations where they were last left off without losing any context. This, in turn, eliminates the need for customers to repeat themselves again and again.

Businesses armed with an omni-channel capability can meet customers where they are and cater seamlessly to their preferences and communication habits. Also, as all the channels are synchronized, customers can seamlessly switch between them without any disruption and loss of context.

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3. Maximize Resolutions with Intelligent Call Routing

It’s no revelation that customers who are transferred multiple times or have to endure long wait times are likely to become frustrated and dissatisfied with the service they receive, especially in the world of customer service, where every second counts!

ServiceNow CTI Integration can transform your business’s call-handling capabilities with an efficient routing mechanism. By leveraging valuable information from the customer’s previous interactions, the integrated system, combines it with real-time data from their current call.

4. Empower Customers with Self-Service Portal

Research by Forrester highlights that 72% of customers prefer using a self-service portal to resolve their queries.

The convergence of self-service platforms and ServiceNow CTI empowers customers to access information and resolve queries in an efficient manner. Giving agents real-time access to the customer’s account information, service status, and support resources, also helps create seamless and personalized experiences for the customers.

The self-service portal integrated into ServiceNow CTI allows customers to take control of their queries, resolve issues on their own and, thereby, foster in them a sense of independence and convenience, all the while reducing agents’ workload and call volumes.

5. Break Silos with Third-party Integrations

Integration of ServiceNow with third-party applications and platforms can open up newer and better possibilities to boost customer experiences. It allows agents to have effortless access to the knowledge base and other applications which can arm them with the requisite information or background to resolve customer queries.

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Salesforce highlighted that companies integrating their customer service systems with other departments witnessed a 32 percent increase in customer retention.

Third-party integrations can take customer service a notch higher by empowering agents with a comprehensive view of customers interaction journey and streamlining contact center workflows.

Wrap up

The call for customer centricity has become more pronounced over the years. Customers know what they want and businesses are caught up in a race to understand their needs and deliver what they need. In this fiercely competitive landscape businesses ought to equip themselves with the right tools and technologies that can improve their chances of standing apart. ServiceNow CTI ensures this by seamlessly blending technology and human intuition, and driving contextual conversations. In essence, ServiceNow CTI does not merely connect- but elevates, enriches and empowers both agents and customers, unlocking new opportunities and setting benchmarks for what customer centricity truly means.

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