5 Reasons Why You Need Integration For Your Cisco Contact Center

Contact Center Operations

Nowadays, when customers are expecting better responses from organizations on their offerings, there is an urgent need on the part of the organizations to enhance customer support services to provide a great customer experience. That way, not only organizations can serve their customers intently but also propose new services and products to them when they are looking for something better and exciting in terms of features and various other aspects.

And to be able to do all that, sound customer support is what organizations need to focus on. But in today’s overtly digital landscape, it is also important to reach out to your customers proactively, which is only possible when you have the right technology enabling you to make proactive engagements with your customer and thus helping you long-lasting relations with them. With the right mix of technology, organizations can do well when it comes to customer services and thus enhance the customer service experience greatly.

When it comes to the technology part, which is perfect for a contact center, various components need to be synced to come up with the right mix or the desired technology setup that should be in place to ensure sound customer engagements. But when we talk about the technology that works in contact centers, more often than not we are talking about contact centers that are powered by Cisco or some other technologies having expertise in offering sound contact center solutions that help make it possible on the part of the organizations to engage with their customers proactively. Still, the most important aspect of these technologies is their ability to integrate various technologies/software to enable contact agents to have access to all the required information to look confident when conversing with customers.

Through seamless integration of your phone system, CRMs using cisco contact center integration with your CRM, you can achieve tremendous success in your customer engagement. So, if you are running a Cisco-powered contact center, here are the five reasons why integration is the best thing that can happen to your contact center.

Empowers Contact Agents

When we talk about a contact center, the agents attending calls requests through phones, chats, etc., are the ones we are talking about. A contact center is pretty much all about the agents working there. Therefore, it is necessary to empower your agents with all that they might need in terms of technology, knowledge, training, etc., to enable them to look confident when speaking to customers. Here a seamless integration of various channels of communication can help agents get access to the required information that they need to engage proactively with customers without looking lost or exhaustive doing back and forth to access various channels of communication. With the right integration, they can access telephone systems, CRMs, and other software through a unified view powered by Cisco unified agent desktop. This helps agents get more control, access to more information without looking for the same here and there. With agents now looking empowered, they are ready to take the conversations to the next level and have happy and highly satisfactory customer engagements with customers, as well as more repeat sales.

Increases Productivity and Efficiency:

One of the most standout advantages of integrating your Cisco-powered center is that it increases productivity from the word go. From the contact agents’ point of view, especially now when they look confident in serving customers, it is going to get better from here onwards. The top momentum in a call center comes when it can make happy and highly satisfying conversations with its customers, and which has been made possible now. And all of that is achieved by simply fine-tuning various channels of communication using contact center software integration to provide a seamless, one-shot view of what’s going on, thus bringing much-needed efficiency to the entire contact center operations.

Streamlines Contact Center Operations:

One of the biggest advantages that organizations value highly is that through the integration of various channels of communication, it becomes easy for the senior management to check on the process without having to make an effort to do so. With the help of this integration, it is now possible on the part of the senior management to have a quick look at various processes, individuals, as well as, team’s performance, and accordingly suggest what should be done to get the most out of contact center operations. And that’s not all. The amount of data now available in a quick view can help managers to streamline things a little bit more and enhance certain sections that require more effort.


With seamless integration of Cisco UCCX CRM integration, contact center agents are capable of doing manifold tasks with ease without looking tired or bored. This sort of optimization or integration of various channels of communication looks spot-on as it gets more done through the agents who look more relaxed even during pressure situations as they have access to the required information while interacting with customers. They can update, access information on the go from the same unified interface without meandering around and losing precious time during a conversation. What this means is that there is a visible enhancement in the performance of agents percolating in the performance of the call center. With Cisco Finesse CRM integration, you get the best out of your resources as AHT (average handling time) reduces substantially and customer satisfaction improves visibly.

Makes Happy Customer Experiences:

When today’s clients expect more in terms of personalized services, an integrated response is something that can surely help you get the most out of your customer responses. Through an integrated system, you have access to all the relevant information about customers. You can greet them in a more personalized way, know about their past interactions and experiences to serve them better. Through an integrated system, it is easy to divert calls to the most appropriate agent or team for quick resolution of their specific queries. There is so much that can be done to make a happy customer experience by integrating your Cisco-based contact center.

NovelVox is one of the most trusted contact center solutions providing companies helping businesses get the most of their contact center operations. With the help of its range of high-quality solutions aimed at enhancing the customer experience in Cisco-powered contact centers, NovelVox helps you make happy and highly satisfying customer interactions.

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