How Seamless Salesforce Cisco Integration can Enhance the Productivity of a Contact Center

Cisco Salesforce Integration

Information is the Key

For a contact center, a seamless flow of information is the key. It is an ideal situation for any business to be able to process the information by sending it to the right agent for a proper response to its customers in an efficient and timely manner. Something like that can be achieved by integrating various sources of information to help its agents get access to the right information at the right time. By integrating data from various systems such as automatic call distributors, IVR, CRMs, and telephones into a common platform or often referred to as a unified agent desktop, agents can access the relevant information in one unified view.

Unified Agent Desktop Interface Makes it Easy

With the help of Agent Desktop software such as Cisco Unified Agent Desktop, businesses can seamlessly integrate call data with data processing applications, and CRMs without changing the existing applications. Some of the major functions of an Agent desktop include-

  • Seamlessly integrates customer information with an ERP, CRM, etc., and that too without modifying the application source code
  • It offers a bridge between a contact center agent and supervisor desktops to match their requirements for a better synergy
  • Automates repetitive tasks and breakdown complex ones into easier ones for the contact center agents
  • Enables contact center staff to set and specify workflow rules on their own

Salesforce CTI Integration

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Cisco Unified Agent Desktop helps agents get access to the relevant information about customers through screen pops. Furthermore, this also helps agents respond to customers’ queries more efficiently for their early and highly satisfactory resolutions. But all of this will depend upon a sound integration, which can help save talk time, provides context, and eliminate and automate repetitive tasks, thus enhancing the contact center agent’s efficiency.

Cisco Salesforce Integration- Enhancing Contact Center Efficiency

If you are looking to leverage your contact center efficiency, integrating your call information with a CRM such as Salesforce is ideal. Cisco and Salesforce are among the leading technology companies helping contact centers achieve efficiency through their offerings. Cisco, with its array of state-of-the-art agent desktop software suites, and Salesforce, with its highly intuitive and robust CRM software, are two of the most popular systems that call centers trust to set up highly efficient communication systems aimed at enhancing the productivity of contact center operations. For a Cisco-operated omnichannel contact center, a CRM like Salesforce is the best choice given its credentials. Its integration with Cisco unified desktop suite is a strategic decision for a business to help its contact center achieve efficiency in its operations as well as take customer interactions to new heights.

With a seamless Cisco contact center express (UCCX) Salesforce integration, the information flow and quick availability of the same in one unified view help agents get more focused and respond to customers’ queries by having a customer-centric approach. Some of the top benefits of a seamless Cisco suite with salesforce integration in an omnichannel contact center, including, Cisco Salesforce Integration and Cisco UCCX (center express) Salesforce integration, are as below:

Enhance Customer Experience

With the help of Salesforce Cisco unified agent desktop integration from Novelvox, contact center agents get seamless, single-screen, and uncluttered views of customer details. This enables them to get quick access to the information they need to provide precise and effective responses for a great customer experience. Having access to all the relevant information makes it easy for them to make certain decisions quickly for engaging in customer interactions.

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Empowered Contact Agents

Seamless integration of Cisco UCCX with Salesforce enables agents to get all the information quickly in a single glance through automatic screen pop-ups. With this quick access to relevant information, agents look confident while responding to customers. This gives way to a personalized conversation. They look more in control and can come up with the right answer to their customers’ queries. Furthermore, all this helps to reduce AHT and enables agents to respond to more customers. This makes them more productive and thus get the most out of their time and conversations with the customers.

Efficient Contact Center Operations

Salesforce integration with the Cisco contact center improves workflows and reduces the burden on the system, where cost reduction is one of the main benefits. With this integration, the contact center can streamline various initiatives to improve and make the contact center’s operations more efficient and transparent. It reduces AHT, and free-up time taken in needless information searches on the part of various teams. In the case of contact agents, enable contact center managers to allocate jobs/tasks according to agents’ strengths and weaknesses, and turn the entire contact center into an efficient system that delivers the best results.

Novelvox is one of the leading contact center solutions providing companies, helping contact centers achieve efficiency and profitability. It is one of the most trusted names for implementing Cisco Salesforce Integration in contact centers to help them streamline their contact center operations with its highly intuitive and intelligent features aimed at enhancing customer experience and empowering contact agents.

Therefore, if you are looking for seamless and highly efficient Salesforce Cisco Finesse Integration for your contact center, Novelvox has got an array of smart solutions for you. To book a demo, contact our team today or leave your information on our website for an immediate call back from our end.

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