How to Integrate Salesforce with Cisco for a Successful CTI-CRM Integration

Integrate Salesforce with Cisco for a Successful CTI-CRM Integration

To provide a superior customer experience, investing in a sound CRM system is one of the major decisions for any contact center. With the help of a CRM system, a contact center can effectively manage customer information, take note of daily customer interactions, and manage future leads and build a strong customer relationship, resulting in service efficiency and increased sales. In the context of a call center, the power of a CRM system is further enhanced by its effective integration with the contact center software or call management system with the help of a computer telephony integration (CTI) integrator. It is an important decision for a call or service center to ensure a sound integration of these two for highly satisfying customer interactions.

When it comes to one of the leading CRMs, Salesforce is a major player in the CRM industry. It offers a sound platform to deliver a great customer experience through its highly intuitive interface, making it easy for your entire team and departments to have a shared view of customers’ information. It is paramount to enable a seamless CTI of your call interface with Salesforce in a contact center. Cisco is one of the leading providers of contact center interfaces- unified desktops for agents and supervisors that connect phone lines with your computer using CTI protocol to offer a highly intuitive integrated system that offers effective management of customer interactions via voice, emails, and chat via a desktop, without needing a telephone.

Salesforce CTI Integration

To take it to the next level, seamless integration of Salesforce with CTI can help create a robust platform that makes it easy to manage and update customer interactions directly on the CRM system, distribute information to the entire team for more insightful responses to deliver high customer satisfaction. This can be achieved using a Salesforce CRM connector and is an ideal situation for a contact center. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to know what you need to do for effective integration of CTI with CRM, or, in other words, a seamless CTI like integration of Salesforce with Cisco to leverage benefits that result through such an effective integration. Through CTI, you can connect your phone systems (Cisco) with your CRM (Salesforce). This integration helps your team to work in tandem and make the most of it.

Integrate Salesforce with Cisco for a Successful CTI-CRM Integration

How to go about a seamless Cisco CTI Salesforce integration is an important step to delivering an exceptional customer experience and reap all the benefits that follow. Below are some of the key features that you need to look for in your CTI provider to make it a highly successful integration-


In this option, all the phone numbers, whether in the CRM system or your web browser, are converted into clickable links which dial a call upon clicking. This feature allows a seamless calling experience without your team having to manually dial phone numbers using a phone or through a pop-up screen dial pad. For contact agents who need to deal with a high volume of calls daily, this feature saves a lot of time on their part and ensures better resource planning while keeping your bottom line healthy.

Screen Pops:

Screen pops are one of the highlights of a successful Salesforce Cisco integration. Through the screen pops option, it is easy to get all the relevant details of a customer during an outbound or inbound call. Though some CTI solutions only offer screen pops that uniformly display recorded customer data. Therefore, it is advised to choose a CTI solution that shows need-based customer information through these screen pops to deliver a highly satisfying customer experience. This need-based customer data can help the agents to access the relevant data based on their roles for effective and quick resolutions of service requests. And this is one of the major benefits of successful integration.

Take Call Notes and Change Call Contents:

Though it is part of the screen pops feature, but a highly relevant one that you need to look for in a CTI solution. This option provides the facility to take notes on the pop-up itself. Some providers only allow you to update records but the best CTI providers offer you to take notes, change call content of calls, and create tasks right on the screen pop. For a client servicing team or an individual service agent, this option streamlines the flow and saves time.

Teamwork Features:

Through Salesforce and Cisco integration, it is easy to enhance teamwork and collaboration among various teams- sales, support, and service. Whether the teamwork option is being offered is something you may want to look at by your chosen CTI solution provider. The mention feature makes it easier for agents to quickly assign or notify team members regarding call updates or if there is any pending action that needs to be carried out.

Automatic Call Logging Feature:

This one is a basic yet crucial feature to look for in your CTI Salesforce integration. When a service agent takes call notes and wraps up a call on the screen pop, this feature automatically logs the call updates on the CRM. This saves time on the part of team members from manually entering the call updates, changing call contents, and assigning tasks to team members. This feature allows the entire organization to work in tandem and get the most of the process.

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