Genesys Servicenow CTI Integration: Elevate Your Customer Experience

Gensys Servicenow Integration

ServiceNow Genesys Integration is a way to bridge Genesys Cloud with ServiceNow ITSM, giving you a more refined approach to viewing and interacting with relevant customer data. The connection is made with the help of a technology called CTI or Computer Telephony Integration.

But before we get into how Genesys ServiceNow CTI integration works, let’s first understand the need for timely and efficient access to relevant customer data and how it can help improve CX.

According to a report by Emplifi, 88% of customers will cease to do business after no more than two instances of poor experience with a brand. That’s an alarming number, especially if you don’t have your CX in order. Customers nowadays aren’t just looking for a place to buy things but they are looking for a sense of belonging. A brand that makes its customers feel valued is likely to grow and thrive compared to a brand that neglects customer experience.

The entire idea of a CCaaS (contact center as a service) is to keep the customers in the center of all the brand operations. And technology has an important role to play in this phenomenon.

Take Genesys ServiceNow Integration for example. With the help of a CTI connector, you can establish a connection between your call center software (i.e, Genesys) and your Customer Service Management platform (i.e, ServiceNow). So, when your customers call you, your agents have all the relevant information at their fingertips and enough information in their arsenal to lead a contextual and personalized conversation.

The Importance of a CTI Connector for Genesys ServiceNow

Here’s how ServiceNow integration with Genesys Agent Workspace (Genesys Cloud, Engage, and PureCloud) can simplify a lot of mundane tasks and streamline productivity:

⦿ Unified Customer Interactions

A CTI connector helps you establish a connection between your telephony system and your customer management platform, providing you with a unified way to interact with your customers. No need to toggle between multiple windows to set up the right context for the call. Get all the information about the customer right on the ServiceNow screen along with a built-in telephony control and lead personalized calls that leave your customer satisfied.

The CTI connector also enables you to automate tasks such as call logging, and reduce Average Handle Time (AHT) and First Contact Resolution (FCR).

⦿ Improved Call Control

Besides saving your agent’s time and effort by enabling ScreenPop for easy information access, a CTI connector also helps empower your agents with powerful call control features. The Smart CTI Connector from NovelVox, for instance, comes with a unified telephony interface equipped with all the necessary dialer features including hold, mute, transfer, and conference as well as advanced features such as automated call logging, single sign on, click to dial, call disposition, notes, etc.

The extensive list of features allow the agents to deal with a high volume of calls without being overwhelmed or feeling burnt out. With these easy-to-use features, your agents are confident and properly equipped to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

⦿ Increased Collaboration within Departments

It is one thing to deliver exceptional customer service. It is entirely another to build a service culture across the call center. In order to motivate your agents to deliver their best service on every call, you need to sustain a collaborative approach on the floor. Some advanced CTI connectors also enable real time monitoring like Barge-In, Whisper-in, and Silent Listener, allowing supervisors to assist the agents during and after a call.

⦿ Reduced Cost and Increased Productivity

Both the agent and the customer on the other side of the phone look to save time whenever and wherever they can. Long call duration usually means unsatisfied customers. And not to mention, long calls also take a toll on the agents’ motivation to deliver high-quality service. With ServiceNow Genesys CTI integration, you can bid adieu to a lot of such worries and embrace the future of customer service. Easy and simplified access to relevant information allows agents to quickly resolve calls and provide the customers with value-based solutions.

⦿ Reporting and Analytics

It is essential to keep a track of the Key Performance Indicators and planned metrics to identify gaps in the customer experience and continue to deliver exceptional service. With proper call reports at your disposal, you can view performance numbers, analyze key insights and patterns and make actionable decisions based on real data.

With the help of a CTI connector you also get access to call logging, call history, purchase history, and opportunities so the agents are privy to why a customer is calling and what’s the best way to resolve their issue. CTI automatically stores all the call information with ServiceNow, in turn, helping improve business processes and decision making.

⦿ Personalized Customer Experience

The need for personalized customer experience can not be stressed enough. Here are a few stats that speak for the necessity of personalization:

Based on the 2020 Forbes Insight Study, it was found that 71% of shoppers experience frustration when faced with impersonal shopping encounters. Additionally, 74% of customers express frustration when encountering non-personalized website content, and 70% of millennials are displeased with receiving irrelevant emails from brands. 

So, it goes without saying that contact centers need to pick up on the personalization aspect of customer experience. Genesys ServiceNow CTI integration keeps the agents informed with the ScreenPop at the beginning of each call. With the ScreenPop feature, your agents know who is calling along with other important information of the customers. This helps the agents address the caller with their names and lead a personalized communication.

Download Use Case | Personalize Customer Service with Predictive Engagement

If a new customer is calling, the ScreenPop feature automatically brings up a new customer CRM screen, letting you confirm and add their details right then and there.

This not only reduces average handle time but also leaves your customers satisfied and delighted with your services.

Key Features to Look for in Genesys ServiceNow CTI Integration

Besides the above mentioned benefits, the Smart CTI Connector from NovelVox brings the following features to Genesys ServiceNow CTI integration:

⦿ Screen-Pop

The Screen-Pop feature is one of the most important features of a CTI connector. It works by displaying relevant customer data in the CRM screen as soon as the agent receives a call. Screen-Pop also automatically opens up a new customer profile if the agent is receiving a call from a customer for the first time. The agent can confirm the details from the customer and add them to the CRM so the next time they call, their information is automatically displayed and easily accessible.

Know More | CTI Screen Pop for Improved Agent-Caller Interaction

⦿ Click to Dial

Click to dial feature enables you to quickly connect with your prospects or customers without having to search for their caller ID. Connect with your customers with a single click. No more toggling through tabs to find the right customer information and initiate a call.

⦿ Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation gives you the ability to automate repetitive tasks as per your business needs. From the information displayed on Screen-Pop to the steps involved in Click to Dial, workflow automation allows you to simplify and stimulate various workflows with ease.

Get the Use Case| Agent Workflow Automation for Enhanced Support Operations

⦿ Enhanced Reporting and Call Logging

A comprehensive look at the agent’s performance and call log goes a long way in a CCaaS setting. Get a comprehensive report of individual calls by adding call notes with configurable log templates and wrap-up codes.

⦿ Multi-Application Integration

With an advanced CTI connector, you get the feasibility of integrating multiple applications easily. The Smart CTI Connector from NovelVox is compatible with more than 75 applications including industry-specific apps, ticketing systems, and agent productivity tools.

⦿ Preferred Installation Process

You can choose between cloud-based and premise-based installation as per your particular preferences. Whatever you choose, you get all the necessary features with the package.

⦿ Agent and Team Performance Stats

A regular performance check helps you keep the call center running smoothly and efficiently. Keep track of individual agents as well as the teams performance month on month and make decisions accordingly to scale and improve your customer experience solution

⦿ Supervisor Monitoring and Actions

Advanced supervisor monitoring with features like Barge-In, Silent Monitoring, Whisper, and more lets you train and empower agents to deliver better services. Whether you would like to silently observe the call or want to jump in and save the day, the Smart CTI connector from NovelVox has you covered.

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⦿ Third-Party Integrations

Not to mention, a few advanced CTI connectors including Smart CTI Connector from NovelVox allow you to integrate third-party applications such as a knowledge base, case management, etc within the connector interface giving you and your agents complete control over their customer interaction process.

Wrapping It Up

The integration of Genesys and ServiceNow proves to be a game-changer in enhancing customer experience, backed by compelling data. A remarkable 92% of customers value a seamless and personalized journey, and this dynamic duo delivers just that. With this integration, businesses have witnessed a staggering 60% reduction in resolution times, ensuring swift issue resolution.

Notably, customer satisfaction rates have soared by an impressive 75%, attributed to the synergy between Genesys and ServiceNow. In a rapidly evolving landscape, where 79% of consumers switch brands due to poor customer service, this integration stands out as a vital strategy to drive loyalty and growth.

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