3 Ways to Boost FCR and Reduce Customer Churn

Reduce Customer Churn

First Call Resolution (FCR) is said to be an indispensable factor for a contact center to measure and improve. It tells you how efficiently the agents handle the calls, how qualitative the service is, and how satisfied the customer is with the service. When one factor decides so many things about your service, its tracking and improvement become quintessential.

Here are the top 3 ways that ensure better FCR and AHT rates for improved productivity and customer experience:

Unify Information

One of the factors that affect an agent’s productivity is Screen Switches. When the agent is provided with a conventional agent desktop that supports either less or no integrations, he has to switch between the applications to access required customer information. He may need to jump to a CRM to check the interaction history or ticketing application to check the status of raised tickets or so on. All these tasks need to be performed while handling the customer’s query on call, which will obviously increase FCR and AHT, impacting the agent’s performance.

You can avoid this by unifying all the required information and make it available on a single screen – one desktop with all call controls and required information. This can be achieved by integrating an agent desktop with third-party applications such as CRM, Ticketing, etc. Such agent desktops are known as Unified Agent Desktops that seamlessly integrates with the existing telephony system and third-party applications to offer a single-screen view to the agent. The information is unified in such a way that the agent always gets the necessary information about the caller on a single interface, improving FCR and AHT.

Say Hello to Chatbots

Chatbots are known as agent buddies as, when appropriately configured, they can handle customer queries on behalf of the agent. Basic queries that can be resolved without human intervention, such as “How to create a new account,” “How to revoke my license,” etc., can be scripted and resolved with the help of a bot. The agent would be taken into consideration when there is actually a need for human intervention. This is a great way to reduce customer churn that lets agents focus on the most critical cases.

Nowadays, AI-powered chatbots are taking the limelight in the contact center industry. Such chatbots operate smartly by taking advantage of the technology behind them, i.e., Artificial Intelligence. They are known for their excellent capability of intent prediction, which is analyzing the text and putting a solution accordingly. They interact with the customer smartly and route the query to an agent only when it is required. So, if you really want to reduce the customer churn, say YES to AI-powered chatbots. They help you enhance customer experience and improve agent performance by saving them from repetitive and basic queries.

Motivate Agents

A motivated agent always performs better than an agent who is not motivated about achieving excellence. You can motivate your agents by taking one-on-one sessions, offering incentives on meeting targets, or helping them to have an eye on their KPIs through engaging and exciting productivity boosters such as Agent Dashboards and Wallboards.

The first two need no explanation as this is something all companies do to motivate their agents, so let’s jump to the third one, i.e., encouraging agents through agent dashboards and wallboards, and see how helpful it can be.

Agent Dashboard lets your agent instantly access real-time metrics and relevant information over a single console. It helps them optimize their day-to-day performance by displaying the information that matters the most. It keeps them motivated and always on track for improved productivity.

Similarly, the contact center wallboard keeps your agents connected and informed about the overall performance of the contact center. Display information that you think can motivate an agent, such as display Star of the Day, Team A vs. Team B, Service Level Info, etc. Nowadays, contact centers seem to show an inclination towards wallboards offering gamification where animation is used to display specific data for better engagement. Try gamification and see if it engages your agents for better results.

So, above are the top 3 ways that help you boost FCR and reduce customer churn. Try out the best available contact center solutions that fit your requirements and improve productivity like never before.

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