CTI Tools Your Sales Team Needs To Achieve Business Success

CTI Tools

Active customer engagement and seamless operations are what can make a business successful and outstand its competitor. For this, you need to equip your sales team with an integrated and smart telephony system because even the superheroes needed their tools to beat the beast. So, what’s the power here? In addition to data, your sales team needs to have integrated and dedicated technology. Undoubtedly, phone systems are the shields of the sales warrior, but they need a sword too, which are the 3rd party applications. Getting a bit dramatic, but, like a warrior has to use both the weapon simultaneously, your sales rep also needs to have both – phone system and CRM or other apps – to function correctly on the same screen i.e., a Computer telephony Integration (CTI).

Earlier, the process of integrating CRM and phone system was a massive investment of time and money. Today, things have changed. NovelVox CTI integration with CRM and other apps allow you to integrate Salesforce, MS Dynamics, ServiceNow, and many more with the telephony system in a very short span of time.

Here’s what CTI has in store for your sales team and the success of your business:

Get rid of the blind spot – know your caller

With numerous calls coming in, your agent can’t remember names and numbers of all the callers. This is why the phrase “may I know who is calling” came into existence. But too much of anything is wrong. This has already started frustrating customers to the next level. Here, Avaya, Genesys or Cisco CTI connector integration with CRM empowers the representative to know the caller even before answering the call. The required customer information is displayed on the screen for an agent to provide proactive solutions consistently and improve customer experience.

Coach the team well – Call logging benefits

Exceptional customer experience is not created overnight but build with consistent customer engagement over a period of time. This will happen with continuous improvement in reports from call logging. It allows the recording and monitoring of interactions occurring over a call with a customer. Cisco Finesse CTI connector improves the agent’s productivity by allowing team leads to assist agents during troubleshooting, train the team, and verify quality assurance for improved call resolution.

Sort it right – Customized interface

Learning a new workspace is a struggle for agents who already have high call volume to address. Another major distraction is the unwanted fields on the screen. Modify your Cisco, Avaya or Genesys CTI connector with only relevant fields displayed on the screen. NovelVox CTI Connector allows you to customize the connector with simple drag and drop without the need for coding.

No hide & seek – One Screen

The sales team has huge targets to achieve every day. And with Contact Center Wallboards in place, reps can’t mistake not achieving defined numbers for the day. Swapping screen to fetch information from CRM and other apps is a pain for agents, but an integrated CTI connector for CRM, ticketing, and other apps is bliss. Your sales rep will not need to juggle between screens anymore to offer the right resolution. If further reduces the average handle time for a call.

A CTI connector is incomplete without features like click to dial, CRM screen transfer, intelligent dialing, and more. CTI connector is a powerful tool that your contact center needs now to create an experiential customer experience. To know more about customized CTI Connector, visit NovelVox.

CTI Integration

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