Boost Your Agent Performance with Intuitive Agent Dashboards

Boost Your Agent Performance

There’s no denying the fact that agents are the lifeblood for the contact center. They need constant motivation and monitoring for overall improvement in productivity, performance, and efficiency. They have a huge stake in the game of customer experience (CX), and it’s their right to understand how important they are in this journey (customer journey with the brand). But how exactly can your business make this happen? How can you make your agents perform well? How can agents feel associated with the brand? How can customers interact with more confident agents?

Here’s the answer-

What is Agent Dashboard?

Agent Dashboard is an intuitive visual reporting tool that displays the information that matters the most. A range of relevant metrics and KPIs are displayed to the agent in real-time. It monitors and optimizes agent performance with instant notification on trends and pitfalls. It offers a detailed report with quick numbers of cases (active, resolved, etc), CSAT, AHT, and more.

Mitel Agent Dashboard

Use of Agent Dashboard:

Agent Dashboard offers a holistic view of individual agent performance on business’s relevant metrics, training, and more. It is used to boost agent performance significantly. Here’s how

  • Agents can view live data related to selected metrics. For instance, NovelVox Agent Dashboard offers a unified view of live information over a single console. Here, seamless integration with multiple resources fetches data and displays the custom metrics over the screen. The real-time view of performance at a glance help improve service levels
  • The report from Agent Dashboard improves overall productivity and enhances the complaint resolution rate with all stats displayed on screen in real-time.
  • Insights on inefficiencies to rework the processes, find ways to cost efficiency, motivate employees.
  • Identify the need for training for individual agents based in the particular field corresponding to their role.
  • This will help offer a higher level of support to agents, making them happier and more focused on supporting customers.
  • Data is presented interactively for agents to absorb, analyze, understand and share the same quickly.

Why Contact Center Agent Dashboard?

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for a contact center. For this, agents need real-time monitoring and guidance at an individual level. Contact center agent desktop does it all by displaying relevant and updated stats, including average time waiting, calls in queue, response time, etc.

Here, NovelVox offers agent dashboards specific to contact centers, such as Amazon Connect, Cisco, Genesys, and Five9 and Dialpad.

Credit union Agent Dashboard

Contact Center Agent Dashboard Features:

  • Easy to customize interface – Have access to only relevant fields based on the business KPIs. Filter data defines an individual’s bandwidth for optimum performance on a given day.
  • Real-time notification – Instantly view trends and pitfalls in the way. Align team accordingly with training, cases, and more. Real-time updates are possible with Agent Dashboard integration with Mitel, Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, Amazon Connect, and other 3rd party applications.
  • Agent performance enhancement – Set and track the KPIs and get notified in case of any escalation for prompt resolution. It allows prioritizing the calls and tasks and has decisions backed by data.

What are the Benefits of the Agent Dashboard?

  • Organized approach – The intuitive designs make it easy for agents to absorb the data and stay organized. The summaries at-a-glance help view the status and percentage of defined daily targets achieved.
  • Motivator – The real-time numbers motivate the agent to perform better than before. They can track their performance and understand their capabilities. They were subsequently performing better.
  • Planning – It helps prioritize the tasks. An agent can decide what to focus basis the present numbers. These numbers even help forecast the movements basis customer’s response/engagement.

Further, the customer service Agent Dashboard helps agents track customer cases and track performance, KPIs status, and inbound and outbound metrics updates. This allows supervisors to make informed decisions with real-time data on trends and churn.

To wrap up, agents have the power to make or break the game of CX. They need proper guidance and timely updates on targets for optimum performance. Agent Dashboard acts as a catalyst in boosting agents’ potential to deliver the best.

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