Gone days when contact center wallboards were in boring number and standard graphs only. It’s time for next level monitoring for millennials in your office. 

Today’s millennial is always connected, self-reliant & loves animation and so will be their business & monitoring needs.

Presenting the NovelVox iVision Plus created for today’s millennials. It helps you integrate all your data sources to one unified view and lets you create your own wallboard with the designer studio. With its pre-built templates, it is easy to adopt any reporting format including gamification, animated dashboards, seat plan, mobile dashboard, digital signage and more.

Advantages of NovelVox  iVisionPlus:

  • Designed for millennials in various formats including gamification, animated dashboard, seat plan and more
  • Self-servicing studio to help design your own wallboard – NO CODING REQUIRED
  • Pre-built gadget and wallboard template library
  • Mobile dashboard for mobile and tablets 
  • Define your own actions based on KPI threshold
  • HTML 5 wallboard to support any browser for smoother transitions 
  • Ready integration with Cisco, Avaya, Gensys, and all major CRMs, ticketing software, or bespoke applications.

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