Reshaping Customer Support and Marketing With Conversational AI

Customer Support and Marketing With Conversational AI

The unsaid rule of the business world is to stay atop competitors in the market. This can be achieved by adapting new technologies that are discussed widely in the market, and undoubtedly, conversational AI never goes unnoticed. It is a cutting-edge technology that has revamped customer service across sectors.

As per 2023 reports compiled by Gartner, the value of conversational AI chatbots is set to be 18.6 billion USD. Considering the pace of adoption, it is projected to grow at a CAGR of 23.6% between 2025 and 2030.

Ahead in this blog, you’ll unfold the benefits of Conversational AI Chatbots that steer a business toward success by engaging customers & carving marketing strategies to sustain in the competitive block. Let’s roll!

First Things First – Understand The Problem

Conversational AI chatbots are one of the effective CX solutions. However, to understand what makes them effective, it becomes vital to get a hang of flaws in the customer support services.

Customers expect immediate redressal of their grievances in the ‘smart’ world. This is where a traditional customer support system fails to thrive. Repeated explanations of queries, long wait times, and lethargic CX deplete the current customer service system. The hierarchy operates as follows:

  • Customers have grievances
  • Customers identify the channel for grievance redressal
  • Customers speak to the representatives

With a continuous loop, in the practice followed above, come shortcomings that hamper the customer journey & experience leaving customers dissatisfied.

This is where conversational AI chatbots enter the customer service landscape to transform the experience. As per multiple reports & studies compiled in 2023, it was concluded that companies can reduce their customer service costs by 33% after implementing conversational AI technology.

Transform Marketing with Conversational AI Chatbots

Conversational AI has been developed for executing multiple tasks simultaneously and marketing is one of them. Generally, AI chatbots are deployed for automating responses, promoting products, and generating sales.

Based on business requirements, AI chatbots can be programmed to answer questions or provide resolutions to advanced operations like sentiment analysis.

Conversational AI chatbots are flexible to use. A business can deploy them on any platform(s) that are being used for interacting with customers. It can be social media pages, websites, or mobile applications. Here, it becomes important to select the right channel depending on the target audience. These parameters are listed below:

  • The nature of a business
  • The type of content being promoted
  • The demography of the target audience

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) have been playing a key role in engaging customers. By training conversational AI to identify the intent of the conversation, chatbots can mimic a human-like interaction with customers. Read more about it next.

Streamlining Lead Generation

Over the years, conversational AI chatbots have drawn positive results for businesses by streamlining the lead-generation process. AI chatbots can engage prospects in human-like conversations to understand their requirements.

By collecting preliminary information that qualifies leads. The information can be passed on to an agent who can prepare for an interaction with the prospect. It may increase the probability of conversions.

Tailored Customer Experience

The e-commerce industry can revamp its levels of customer experience by deploying conversational AI chatbots. By collecting and analyzing the customer data & behavior, personalized recommendations can be sent to customers.

The conversational AI-powered recommendation engines can judge the intent behind every purchase & may suggest additional add-ons to customers while shopping online.

Assisting Agents

Agent assist is another key reason for integrating conversational AI chatbots in business. While chatbots dissolve 80% of customer queries, agents tend to take up queries that require urgent attention.

This feature augments the productivity levels of contact center agents as they get equipped with the right set of tools for resolving quickly. Chatbots, through the agent assist feature, help agents by executing the following:

  • Showcase the previous chat screen
  • Instant reply options for FaQs
  • Ability to take notes before closing a chat with customers
  • Smart plug-ins/integrations that display customer details, location, purchase history, etc.

Implementing conversational AI chatbots in business is worthy because the stakes shift on the positive end to elevate the customer experience. Reshaping customer experience with a chatbot is a breeze. Here’s a chatbot that can reconstruct the customer experience in no time.

InfiBot – Elevating Customer Experience

Before proceeding to InfiBot, here’s a quick look at some statistics related to chatbots.

  • As per Smart Tribune, 47% of consumers prefer exploring a website having a chatbot.
  • HubSpot reports that 48% of consumers feel comfortable while interacting with a chatbot
  • 64% of customers are delighted with their current experience with a chatbot

The role of a chatbot in contact centers, across verticals, is to offer personalized and automated customer support through chat. InfiBot is a chatbot by NovelVox that has been playing a significant role in up-leveling customer experience.

It comes readily integrated with Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, Amazon Connect, Dialpad, Five9, Webex, Zoom, and NICE.

A humanized bot support ensures a smooth customer experience by getting to the bottom of customer queries & common troubleshoots and addressing them. With multiple pre-integrated intents, it is capable of performing as a:

  • Customer service bot
  • Sales bot
  • Marketing bot
  • Virtual assistant of contact center agent
  • Knowledge base bot
  • FAQ bot

And a lot more because InfiBot has been designed for unfurling customer requirements in their language. The progressive natural language understanding (NLU) engine of InfiBot scans the message of customers and provides them with an apt solution on point.

But what makes InfiBot different from other chatbots in the market? Read on.

Advantages Of InfiBot For Customer Support Team

Conversational AI Chatbots Are Here To Stay

With the advent of technology, the requirements may remain the same but customers would definitely look forward to an upgraded experience. An excellent customer experience is driven by a diligent customer support staff equipped with the right technology. Conversational AI is the technology that prioritizes customer queries to deliver a delightful customer experience.

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