Revolutionize Customer Journey Management by Increasing Internal Collaboration with Contact Center Integrations

Contact Center Integrations

In an increasingly connected world, isolated contact center solutions can no longer keep up with customer demands and the latest technologies. Amidst the customer-centric era, a contact center cannot offer best-in-class services in the absence of advanced management software. As business needs are constantly evolving, the players of contact center industries are insisted to review their interactions to determine if they are acquiring the correct insights to optimize performance.

Without an integrated contact center solution, organizations face unprecedented challenges to meet customers’ needs and lose business to competitors with better capabilities. To effectively meet the ever-changing customers’ demands, contact centers must opt for the software that allows them to offer seamless services across various channels. Additionally, the solution should also offer the flexibility to meet future needs.

Today, integrated contact center solutions are the most preferred path for maintaining excellent customer experiences and workplace satisfaction. They offer improved internal collaboration, customer journey management, and omnichannel capabilities. With an integrated solution, contact centers can maintain customer satisfaction and business growth.

CRM CTI integration and other third-party integrations improve the experience, sales, and services offered by the business. We, at NovelVox, offer many integrations like Cisco CTI Connector with MS Dynamic CRM, thus helping in identifying, routing, recording, and more. The robust solution for Cisco UCCE, UCCX, PCCE, CUCM contact center enables telephone integration for Dynamic 365.

Integration of contact centers with a CRM brings immense advantages to the agents like:

  • Simple interface as everything is displayed on a single window.
  • Eliminate repetitive operations thanks to process automation.
  • View the information in real-time.
  • Minimize manual errors.
  • Delete duplicate tasks.
  • Free up agents and let them perform other important tasks.
  • Improve KPIs related to customer service.
  • Centralize information and add business Intelligence systems such as call tracking, various other crucial metrics.
  • Link call recordings with the corresponding ticket or customer card.
  • With the different APIs available, contact centers can get relevant information such as call details and statistics.
  • If your organization intends to expand the knowledge of its customers, quickly fulfil their needs, and enhance the quality of customer service, then integrating your cloud contact center is suggested.

    Leveraging an integrated contact center solution allows companies to build a contact center meeting customers’ demands. Today, new integrations have become remarkably easy to install and maintain, so the overall productivity of businesses can be enhanced. They can create modern contact centers keeping them ahead of the competition and within budgeting constraints.

    To ensure seamless CX, agents can offer quick support for all kinds of interactions. As agents are empowered within the workplace, their increased satisfaction leads to better customer interactions.

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