How to Build Trust Through Customer Service in Contact Center

Customer Service in Contact Center

Building customer trust is not an easy task for the contact center industry. Neither is it possible to have a loyal customer in a day. Trust is attained with a seamless amalgamation of agent behavior and technology. In the competitive market, to grow your business, trust is the only factor that can keep your customer base intact. But before getting familiar with the contact center software and required agent’s behavior, you must know factors that drive trust i.e., patient interactions, customers benefit, company’s vision, innovation, stability, and personalized experience.

Here are the contact center solutions you need

  1. Agent script – Instead of pitching anything to anyone, it is always better to have an agent script in place. It is a series of a dynamic guided script for agents to carry any conversation with callers in the best possible way. A script can be further transformed according to the business process or flow. It enables a newbie to handle interactions like a pro. A nicely framed script helps to maintain call consistency with and manage regulatory & compliance requirements. Further laying grounds for customer’s trust.

  2. Unified Agent Desktop – Personalized experience is another way to grow the trees of trust among customers. What could be better for a caller to get addressed by first name and agent updated with relevant details to continue the conversation? A Cisco Finesse Unified Agent Desktop with seamless 3rd party application integration empowers agents with 360-degree customer information.

  3. Industry-specific interface – Yet another essential part of agent desktop is the interface. An industry-specific interface avoids confusion and overpopulating of the screen with unwanted fields. An agent desktop should have optimization features that allow working around the interface without the need for coding. This improves First Call Resolution (FCR) and decreases average handling time (AHT) that strengthens the bonds of trust.

  4. Knowledge Base – What does your customer approach the contact center for? It could be a resolution of an issue, useful advice or correct information about a product and how do you think it is possible? By empowering your agents with accurate information via the Knowledge Base gadget. It offers instant access to information related to product or business processes to provide quick and apt assistance to callers.

  5. Omnichannel presence – Another fantastic way to build trust is by offering customer service via omnichannel presence. Customers feel assured about your brand when they find you on all their preferred channels. Also, customers love to receive prompt replies. So, be available for your customers 24×7 via voice, chat, social media, email and more.

Build trust through right agent attitude

  1. Value the feedback – You need to consider customer’s feedback and lay the foundation for faith as they get the feel of being critical. It is necessary to accept the input, work on them and let the customer know about the action performed to make them returning customers.

  2. Don’t take things personally – Remember, as an agent, you should never take feedback personally which may ruin the conversation otherwise. There is no issue in accepting the negatives of the business and you can not delight every customer. So, positively take the reviews and improve yourself and the company.

  3. Be yourself and open-minded – Never fake yourself, business, or your suggestions. People like to talk to agents as just another human who would hear them nor a salesperson pushing sales in every sentence. Also, understand your customers with an open mind to offer them the best possible solution.

  4. Positive phrase – It is advised to use positive phrases and words that hold the power of converting the saddest of conversations into a positive one and build the trust of customers in your services, such as “I understand the issue, I am here to help you” and so on. You should sound convincing and helpful and not another agent making fake promises.

  5. Can’t be formal always – You can’t be sounding formal all the time. To built trust and strengthen your bonds, you need to have a pleasant and informal conversation such as sharing some personal experience stories. Try to lighten the atmosphere but remember your limits and take care that the customer does not get uncomfortable.

  6. Give options – You should never just put a solution like a stamp in front of the customer instead share multiple available options. This makes a customer feel how important he is as the business cares for his preference in the best possible way. And, the customer is likely to trust you more.

  7. Promise and deliver – Nothing can beat this trick of having loyal customers. It is imperative to achieve what you promise, but more compelling is when your deliveries are much more than what you have promised, and never does the customer feels deceived.

Some other ways to grow customer’s trust are

  • Get more testimonials on your webpage or social media pages
  • Do more personalized advertisement of your brand and encourage your agents to pitch accordingly.
  • Communicate more and be available all the time.
  • Be transparent with your policies and process by sharing required documents with customers
  • Launch loyalty program for existing customers
  • Request for feedback and testimonials/reviews

To wrap up, every effort will make a noticeable mark in the journey of your business to success and build a pool of loyal customers who would further do word-of-mouth marketing for your contact center business.

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