Guide to Hyper-Personalized CX in 2022

Gone are the days when personalization was limited to get names imprinted on pens or pendants. Today, personalization has evolved drastically and customers are looking forward to it in every way possible. Subsequently businesses need to be atop with customer’s expectations.

Over 80% of customers are inclined to make a purchase from businesses that offer tailored experiences.

Benefits of Hyper-Personalization:

Improved customer experience:

With real-time insights into customer journey’s, you can provide the customer with exactly what he’s seeking. More connected channels and proactive response to customer requirements, ensure greater satisfaction and help in reputation building for business.

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Enhanced Revenue Utilization:

Unique and personalized customer experiences can translate into obvious monetary benefits for the company. Apart from solving customer issues with hyper-personalization, brand loyalty can be achieved. This would make customers keep coming back, enhancing their lifetime value.

What’s the way forward:

  • Address callers with their first name
  • Allow agents to view customer details & transaction history instantly
  • Engage with customers across channels
  • Prepare agents or smartbots to interact with customers 24×7
  • Share updated knowledge base for self-service
  • Proactively guide customers with products and ticket resolutions

How to offer hyper-personalized experience in 2022:

Every business wants to make a name for themselves in the new year by achieving newer heights of customer satisfaction. Here are 5 steps to create an in person ambience for customers in the new year.

No More Siloed Systems:

One of the major hindrances in offering personalized experience is when agents are left with siloed systems. With no information in hand, agents are unable to sustain the context. An integrated system is the need of the hour. Cisco, Avaya, Five9, Dialpad or Genesys Agent Desktop from NovelVox offers seamless integration with over 75 3rd party applications. Agents are empowered with customer information (details and transaction history) even before greeting a “hello”.

Cisco, Avaya or Genesys agent desktop

Be Where Your Customers Are:

Your customers wish to connect with you on their favorite channel at any time of the day. How approachable you are defines a level of care and personalization for your customers. Omnichannel contact center solution allows you to engage with the right customers at the right time with the right solution. For instance CXInfintiy enables agents to engage with customers in real-time across channels including WhatsApp, Social media, Live chat, Email, and more over a single screen. Subsequently allowing you to skip juggling of screens and focus on delivering personalized experience.

Go Beyond Sharing Screens:

Cobrowse to make life easier for your customers. Simplify the most complex things by not just sharing the browsing tab but performing tasks on behalf of customers. From product demos to installations, all can be performed easily and instantly. Companies implementing co-browse are able to clock annual revenue growth of around 7.2%. Apart from revenue realization, customer satisfaction and an improved agent utilization rate are other observed benefits.


Face to Face Interactions:

Swipe from text chats to voice and video chats. Customers love to talk in person with business. They feel valued and associated with the brand and its solutions. What could be better for a customer than connecting with business over a video or voice call for a personalized experience. This gives way to more focused discussions. Moreover chances of up selling and cross selling is also higher. Product demos are great with video and voice chats as a clear functioning can be demonstrated in real-time. It offers a higher level of customer satisfaction.

video interaction

A Blended Approach of IT and Human Resources:

Though technology is the guiding force behind hyper-personalization, it cannot undermine the importance of human agents. The trend today doesn’t lean heavily on either side but takes a middle path. It leverages the potential of IT but with a human touch. Sentiment analysis is one such example in which a call gets routed to the human agent if a customer is detected to be annoyed. With AI-driven hyper-personalization, organizations can fulfil customer needs for a seamless experience. As the world is fast pacing towards automation, it’s important to utilize the AI opportunity for greater customer service.

Brands, globally are investing their dollars to improve customer experience across their channels. Two-third companies in the world are competing today on the font of customer services. Hyper-personalization is just one element under the bigger umbrella of CX transformation. It’s time for you to engage your customers more meaningfully and turn their journeys into delightful customer experiences.

Gear up for the transformation and make 2022 about satisfied customers!

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