5 Contact Center Digital Transformation Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

Digital Transformation Mistakes

New year, new goals, new technologies, new trends, new challenges and the list of “new” goes on. In this hustle bustle it is imperative for every business to keep up with customer expectations. How? By preparing in advance to deal with the jitters of digital transformation pitfalls. NovelVox has compiled an extensive list of these mistakes that you should avoid in 2022

Mistake – We need the newest technology!

A big mistake that companies make is not knowing when and where to start with digital transformation. Their go-to step is adopting a technology just for the heck of it. The important thing to understand is that what works for your competitors might not bring the same results for your organization. What essentially succeeds is not the technology per se but decisive goals and well-planned implementations throughout the journey, which happens to include technology.


Chart out the strategy which includes actionable metrics, processes to be evolved and expertise needed to do so. The world is all gaga about AI, but you need to understand which AI technology can work best for you to never let your customers go unattended or dissatisfied. For instance, a smart bot like InfiBot can help your customers with level 1 queries. The conversational AI can further simplify things in terms of personalization, pitching the right product/service and more.

Mistake – Digital transformation, we did it last year, right?

Digital transformation is an on-going thing that shouldn’t be avoided by adopting a “one time” and “everything now” approach. You should not overwhelm the employees and customers by changing too much in a short span of time. Organizations fail to understand that the transformation process should be spread out for sustained improvement in each and every facet of the business.


There is an on-going need to understand that digital transformation has a wide scope and cannot be simply limited to technological progress. Contact center technologies like Agent dashboards are all-inclusive, responsible for transforming processes, products, services etc. Go for technologies that should prepare your business to brave the challenges of today as well as tomorrow. NovelVox contact centers for Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, Mitel and Amazon Connect along with third-party integrations can be instrumental in rendering the desired digital transformation.

Mistake – My customers know the business. What’s in it to be everywhere? (omnichannel)

The worst thing that organizations can do, is to leave their customers in between. Any form of digital transformation, say technological transformation is bound to change the ways an organization functions. If customers are not taken into confidence, it breeds a culture of lethargic innovation and lack of support that can withhold employee’s contribution to the larger business objective.


Going by the trends of digitization, enhancing the number of touch-points for interaction can be influential in the competitive arena. A multichannel approach to sales can enhance seamless customer experience. With Omnichannel solutions, organizations can offer personalized experience across channels. Advanced omnichannel contact center solutions like NovelVox CXInfinity enable businesses to stay connected with customers on their preferred channel and never let a conversation fall through gaps. The unified solution boosts CX by being there for the right customer at the right time at the right place. With this seamless experience across platforms, customer loyalty can be boosted with a significant improvement in sales and revenue.

Mistake – Not breaking the silo mentality. Why make it everyone’s business?

Often organizations fail to involve “the organization” as a whole while starting out on the journey of digital transformation. They understand this to be the business of only the IT people and C-level executives. Such compartmentalized thinking can hamper the free flow of information and restrain the top-tier from sharing information with other employees.


You need a cultural change to mitigate confusions and enable company-wide inputs into the process. There is no doubt that any transformation inevitably takes birth at the top. But this shouldn’t be a barrier for close communication and collaborations between the varied units and business functions of the company. To achieve any tangible outcomes from such a transformation, it is related to ensuring that each employee and every department is clear about their role. They should understand the importance of their work in reaching the final destination. Getting everyone’s feedback can only contribute in making the process more efficient and foolproof.

Thus, only by making it everyone’s business can we do successful business!

Mistake- Undervaluing data-”the backbone of informed decision making”

Data is often cited as the new oil and it can undoubtedly lubricate the engines of digital transformation. But do we really understand the importance of data-backed strategies? Not really!

There wouldn’t be many companies in the world that don’t collect data. But do they put it to actual use? Well, the majority of companies globally fail to build data-centric business strategies. They do collect vast amounts of data but never put it to any use other than for trivial purposes. This one mistake can weaken your aspirations for a successful digital transformation.


A compelling analysis of the data collected can guide you immensely during the entire process. AI-driven contact center solutions will bless your business with customer insights and data to deliver personalized experience. This will allow you to identify processes in need of optimization, understand customer requirements better and make strategic decisions.

So is your contact center prepared to create greater CX in 2022?

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