Five Reasons Why You Should Integrate Cisco CTI with CRM

Integrate Cisco CTI with CRM

Any customer-centric organization distinguishes itself in the way it interacts with its customers. A call center or any organization that regularly handles a large volume of calls from their customers, setting up seamless connectivity that enables an enhanced customer interaction is pretty much the main objective. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is a great connectivity tool for businesses looking to improve how they interact with their customers. It enables seamless integration of telephony with desktop to provide easy call management on the part of contact center agents responding to customer calls. Cisco CTI offers various intuitive features such as automatic call management and distribution to enable customer support executives to channelize the information seamlessly.

CTI Integration

To achieve the next level of customer-oriented services, integrate Cisco CTI Connector with a third-party CRM such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc. Using a Cisco data connector can provide a highly satisfying customer service experience. You can do so much more by integrating Cisco CTI and CRM such as handling automated calls to generating customized reports to emphasizing and pinpointing the most important things to enable organizations to set their immediate and long-term goals.

Let us discuss the top 5 reasons how integrating Cisco CTI with CRM can help an organization achieve its communication goals and a lot more.

1. Effective call management:

With its highly intuitive features such as the click-to-call option, holding and routing calls to the most appropriate department or person, Cisco CTI offers the most efficient system that has been designed to help save both time and effort on the part of call center agents. Its integration with a CRM allows users to effectively manage calls and store call notes directly to the CRM, which the entire team can access in real-time. With the help of its automated call tracking feature, an integrated Cisco CTI–CRM system helps to effectively manage the call data, which is automatically updated into the CRM itself, thus allowing a seamless data integration and management that in turn helps the organization to serve its customers with verve and confidence.

2. Highly efficient customer engagements:

One of the best things about an integrated system is that it provides you all the relevant information about a particular customer without you having to search it manually. With its pop-up feature, all the relevant details of a customer appear on the screen, thereby allowing contact center agents to know about their recent interactions, purchases, or service requests made from their side. Having access to all this information allows contact center agents to know the updated information about the customers so as to serve them in a more personalized way. This way, an agent can interact with a customer with precision and confidence to get a much better response as well as enhance customer satisfaction.

3. Custom reports and analysis:

Cisco CTI- CRM integration allows an organization to manage customer data way more efficiently. Further, this user data can generate custom reports and do the same analysis to predict trends and accordingly prepare sales and financial goals for short and long terms planning. It can also help an organization generate reports based on the customer purchase patterns and issues related to the same to devise an effective strategy to serve customers efficiently and thus build a good rapport with them.

4. Cost-saving:

With CRM-CTI integration using CTI connector, the time lost while holding a call, including overall call time, can be reduced drastically by efficiently routing calls to the most appropriate department, group, or person. Equipped with all the relevant information available in a glance through a pop-up window, contact center executives can efficiently resolve customer queries and reduce call time. Furthermore, it allows contact center executives to minimize workload, improve productivity, and attempt more calls to enhance productivity and better ROI.

5. Monitor employee performance:

Ensuring the efficiency of its employees is an ideal scenario for any organization. An integrated CTI CRM system helps organizations to monitor contact center agents’ performance on various parameters- call counts, call duration, resolution time, etc. With all the relevant call data available at your fingertips, it is easy to monitor your employees’ performance and accordingly train them to do their job much more efficiently or assign them those tasks that they are already efficient in. An efficient employee means an efficient workspace, and it is easy to measures the performance of your employees using an integrated system that combines telephone, desktop, and CRM.

So, suppose you are looking to enhance productivity and automate workflow in your contact center. In that case, CISCO CTI CRM integrated tool helps to enable your contact center executives to work more efficiently and sound positive during calls, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction. It is a cost-effective tool that improves the efficiency of your system and results in better ROI.

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