Quality of customer experience drives the growth in an organization. With the current digitization of work processes, its significance has increased exponentially. Why? The answer is simple. Communication pattern has shifted from just calls to personal interaction over the websites, IVR, WhatsApp, and social media.

Many global surveys confirm this fact. PWC Research, reports that 86% of customers are willing to pay more for better customer services. This explains why companies are giving customers experience far more leverage than products and pricing! Customers need instant omnichannel engagement in real-time.

Integration Stats to Know:

But what’s the bottleneck for businesses in delivering this high-level customer service?

The major reason being Departmental silos. In a customer journey, there are multiple touchpoints and a disjointed journey increases complexity and miscommunication.

What’s the solution?

To deliver the level of engagement that customers expect, the solution is to have – seamless communication with the right context. A critical customer-first approach stems from bridging the various departments and work processes in an integrated manner.

Integrated contact center solutions end major issues like:

a) Your agent doesn’t have access to customer information

b) Legacy systems struggling with integration

c) No mapping of customer journey

As there are multiple touchpoints of communication, it’s natural that interactions flow from various channels to one agent. This can land an agent in a tricky situation where he doesn’t understand the customer’s behavior and preferences. Here integration resolves all problems because customer journeys are not linear.

With an integrated unified contact center solution, agents are well-equipped with customer information and interaction history details. Along with personalized communication, the agent is aware of what the customer is looking for and ends the need for repeating his requirements. The customer feels associated with the business, subsequently boosting brand reputation.

Real-time and historical data can be utilized well to map the customer’s journey with the contact center. It helps build a cohesive journey map.

Don’t wait for the legacy technologies to be outmoded, though they most probably have. Switch into integrated customer experiences to leverage the efforts of your agents.

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