Conversational AI Chatbot: An Ally For Delivering Delightful CX

Conversational AI Chatbots

With the advent of technology, customers now expect a fast-paced solution to their queries. Owing to this, companies are pushing themselves beyond limits to become more customer-centric. They’ve been striving to deliver optimal customer experiences for dissolving grievances by integrating conversational AI in the form of chatbots.

The conversational AI has been a boon to the contact center industry. Ever since it touched the contact center realm, it became the optimal solution for agents to streamline their tasks by automating them.

This resulted in an augmented customer experience – something that every brand or company is focusing on, perhaps, more than the quality of the product itself. Ever pondered over why an enhanced customer experience gained prominence in the market? Let me talk to you.

The Significance of Delivering Delightful Customer Experiences

It is always memorable for customers when at any touchpoint, a brand successfully surpasses their expectations. Delighting your customers is an infinite process that goes on for architecting goodwill for the brand. Adding further, it has a direct impact on the company’s or brand’s success. Conversational AI Chatbots play a significant role in it.

Here are some customer experience facts compiled by Forbes for 2023.

⦿ 61% of customers are willing to pay 5% additionally for exceptional customer service.
⦿ 80% of customers feel more connected to a brand when the customer service provides resolution timely.
⦿ 87% of customers do not buy from a brand they do not trust.
⦿ 66% of customers switch brands due to a poor customer experience.

For every brand that offers superb customer service, delighted customers secretly become their marketing tool for free. They jot down reviews & testimonials that positively impact retention & conversion rates, build brand loyalty, and help to gain a competitive edge over competitors.

This is where the conversational AI chatbot enters the picture. Everything stated above can be acquired by integrating conversational AI. It would not only kill repetitive tasks but also make contact center agents more productive. Next in line, you’ll be reading more on how AI chatbots uplift the customer experience.

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Conversational AI – Improving Your Customer Experience

Conversational AI chatbots have been a great innovation for helping the customer service department. Bots are being widely used for managing repetitive queries and common troubleshoots.

Many queries are sorted by chatbots within minutes or seconds. As per a report compiled by Forbes, 75% of brands will be using AI-based selling by 2025. Here’s a quick look at how conversational AI is transforming customer experience.

Routing Incoming Calls to Right Agents

Conversational AI provides automated solutions instantly, however, it has its restrictions. If customers aren’t satisfied with the solution offered by the chatbot, they are redirected to the available human agent.

Generally, calls are routed based on skills that can include technical expertise, language-based, etc., This is done by the AI Chatbot after identifying the sentiment of the consumer’s response. It further helps to escalate the query to a human agent.

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Minimize Employee Burnout

Only 15% of contact center employees are satisfied with their workload as per Forbes. This is a clear indication that the remaining are overwhelmed with the load. Overburdened contact center agents cannot perform aptly and snap at customer queries resulting in poor customer experience.

AI chatbots can help them manage the load by handling repetitive queries. This allows agents to focus more on important tickets and take breaks whenever required.

Omnichannel Support

AI chatbots can be deployed on a variety of platforms. This caters to the customer’s ease of choosing the platform they wish to connect through. Usually, chatbots are available for social media platforms, messaging apps, and over voice. This helps carry the conversation ahead from one channel to another in real-time.

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Personalized Customer Experience

73% of customers expect a brand to understand their unique needs & expectations – Forbes

Companies use AI technology to understand customer behavior & requirements. This helps customers to acquire what they need from the company/brand. Let’s understand it with the help of an example. Amazon is a prominent brand & to offer a seamless user experience, it makes the best use of AI technology.

The AI identifies queries and displays relevant results based on them. Not only this, but it also recommends products based on the customer’s search history to promote personalized customer experience.

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Assisting Agents

Agent assist is another key reason for integrating conversational AI chatbots in business. While chatbots dissolve 80% of customer queries, agents tend to take up queries that require special attention.

This feature augments the productivity levels of contact center agents as they get equipped with the right set of tools for resolving quickly. Chatbots, through the agent assist feature, help agents by executing the following:

⦿ Showcase the previous chat screen
⦿ Instant reply options for FaQs
⦿ Ability to take notes before closing a chat with customers
⦿ Smart plug-ins/integrations that display customer details, location, purchase history, etc.

So far, you’ve understood the worth of integrating conversational AI into your business. Undoubtedly, the stakes shift on the positive side by integrating chatbots as the customer experience elevates. Gear up to know more about a chatbot that can re-architect customer experience in no time.

InfiBot – Upscaling Customer Experience Like Never Before

Here are some stats for you before we talk about InfiBot.

⦿ As per Smart Tribune, 47% of consumers prefer exploring a website having a chatbot.
⦿ HubSpot reports that 48% of consumers feel comfortable while interacting with a chatbot
⦿ 64% of customers are delighted with their current experience with a chatbot

The role of a chatbot in contact centers, across verticals, is to offer personalized and automated customer support through chat. InfiBot is a chatbot by NovelVox that has been playing a significant role in up-leveling customer experience.

Conversational AI

A humanized bot support ensures a smooth customer experience by getting to the bottom of customer queries & common troubleshoots and addressing them. With multiple pre-integrated intents, it is capable of performing as a:

⦿ Customer service bot
⦿ Sales bot
⦿ Marketing bot
⦿ Virtual assistant of contact center agent
⦿ Knowledge base bot
⦿ FAQ bot

And a lot more because InfiBot has been designed for unfurling customer requirements in their language. The progressive natural language understanding (NLU) engine of InfiBot scans the message of customers and provides them with an apt solution on point.

But what makes InfiBot unique from its counterparts? Let’s read ahead.

Advantages Of InfiBot

Conversational AI To Level Up Customer Experience

Customer requirements will keep on changing but a seamless customer experience will remain the same. Exceptional customer support is the driving force behind the success of a business that prioritizes customer needs & fulfills them rightly. To keep it intact, it becomes necessary to upgrade the technology by integrating AI chatbots for a delightful CX.

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