Accelerate Digital Journey with Cloud based Contact Center

Make a seamless transition from Cisco CCE/CCX on-premise contact center to cloud-native Cisco Webex Contact Center. Leverage over the cloud assistance and intuitive agent desktop to minimize customization efforts and the subsequent impact on customer experience.

  • Migrate seamlessly without worrying about customization
  • Effortlessly move customized templates and other settings to Webex CC
  • Improve time to market and go live faster
Cisco Webex CC Agent Desktop

Resolve Calls Faster with Single Screen View

NovelVox Webex CC Agent Desktop equips contact center agents with a unified view of customer information, improving agent productivity and faster resolution. The unified single screen view fetches customer-related information using third-party integrations to help agents engage effectively with the caller.

  • 360-degree view of key customer information
  • Streamlined customer details to avoid switching screens
  • Intuitive and easy to use UI
Cisco Webex Contact Center Agent Desktop

Industry Optimized from Day 1

Achieve more with built-in industry-specific templates and exceptional customization capabilities. Improve productivity and enhance CX with industry agnostic templates based on specific business needs. Enable automation of tasks with a highly configurable interface and business workflows driven by rules-based processes.

Industry optimized solutions for:

  • Banks & Finance
  • Credit Unions
  • Government
  • Public Services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Telecom
Optimized Webex CC Agent Desktop

Improve Productivity with 75+ Integrations

Effectively integrate the Cisco Webex Contact Center Agent Desktop with back-office systems and third-party applications to scale agent performance and optimize customer interactions. Smart integrations available with a CRM, Ticketing, EMR/EHR, Banking systems, and other business applications leveraging open API accessibility.

Consistent integrations with:

  • CRM: Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Sugar CRM, Zoho CRM, Hubspot
  • Ticketing: Zendesk, ServiceNow, Freshdesk
  • Banking & Credit Union: Symitar, Jack Henry, FIS, FISERV
  • Healthcare: EPIC, Cerner, Aetna
Biggest library of Integrations

Empower & Motivate Agents

Boost agent productivity through flexible interface and instant access to key customer information. Save them from unnecessary clicks, tabbing, and screen switches for active engagements with the customer.

  • Easy to use, fully-streamlined agent desktop with intuitive interface
  • Get a view of customer interaction history even before answering the call
  • Reduce AHT and respond faster to customer queries based on IVR variables
Agent Desktop for Webex CC

Personalized Customer Experience

Delight customers with personalized support provided by a modular agent desktop. Some of the innovative interactions include greetings on first name basis, access to key caller information, last interaction records, and more before answering the call.

  • Instant access to relevant caller details for personalized interactions
  • Use the past interaction history to predict the reason for calling
  • Save customers from repeating key account information several times
Optimized agent desktop webex cc

Seamless Integration with

  • Salesforce Integration
  • MS-Dynamics Integration
  • Sugar-CRM Integration
  • Sagecrm Integration
  • CRM-360 Integration
  • ServiceNow Integration
  • zendesk Integration
  • freshdesk Integration
  • bmc-Remedy Integration
  • SAP Integration
  • Hubspot Integration
  • Oracle-Healthcare Integration
  • Symitar Integration
  • JackHenry Integration
  • FIS Integration
  • Fiserv Integration
  • Infosys-Finacle Integration
  • LAWSON Integration
  • Epic Integration
  • Cerner Integration
  • Aetna Integration
  • Siebel Integration
  • TelmedIQ Integration
  • Tibco Integration
  • ZOHO Integration
  • Nice Integration
  • Calabrio Integration
  • Uptivity Integration
  • Verint Integration
  • Microsoft-Active-Directory Integration
  • MS-Excel Integration
  • IBM-AS Integration
  • eGain Integration
  • upstreamworks Integration
  • SimCom Integration

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