Why Your Business Needs An Online Ticketing System

Online Ticketing System

Ticketing system/Case Management is used to keep track of customer queries or issues as a ticket/case. It improves the agent’s productivity by creating organized communication. The ticket generated has all details of customer queries, simplifying things for agents. Online ticketing software allows agents to work end-to-end on a ticket where he can create it and start working on the issue on their end. This may even involve sharing or transferring cases to other departments of the same for better resolution.

Magic of adopting ticketing system:

No cluttered inbox:

Customer queries enter your inbox like drizzle, rain, or even floods at times. This creates a mess in the mailbox, and it’s hard to clean, resulting in missing queries or crossing the assured time limit. Here, a ticketing system like Case Management is a tool with a unified interface allowing agents to create, search, edit, and resolve cases from a single software.

Quick Response time:

With robust search options basis creation date, category, and more, agents can instantly access the cases and improve response time. Your customer support will be able to serve in 24 hours or less.

Right where the customer is:

Customers wish to connect with the brand via any or all possible digital channels. And this is what they expect in case of issue resolution as well. The online ticketing system allows you to connect with customers at the right time and right place for instant redressal of query raised.

Context is safe:

Ticketing system such as Case Management allows agents to handle cases without switching applications or missing out the conversation context. It is fast and friendly that requires no rigorous training for operations.


It comes with business benefits as agents can handle more number of tickets in a given period for the required category. Things are more organized and agents can delight customers.

Must-have Features in the ticketing system:


An online ticketing software should come with seamless integration to fetch required information of customers ranging from details to interaction history. This educates agents on the ticket, its category and more so that it can be solved at the earliest or forwarded to the concerned team.

Robust search:

Search option plays a crucial role in resolving tickets at the earliest. For instance, Case Management tool offers quick and advanced search with multiple fields to find apt tickets instantly, such as category, creation date, subject, and more.

Ticket access:

There should be access rights on tickets. Not every agent should be able to access all tickets as there are chances of error when one team agent might accidentally close or change the status of ticket for another team. Even the customers should not be able to access all stages as sometimes things take more time or coordination that is not necessarily required to be known to the customer.

Custom fields:

Filter and fields play an essential role in simplifying the ticketing process. The ticketing system should allow the addition of custom fields while creating the ticket. This helps to file tickets, search, resolve instantly.

Single interface:

One of the essential features is the unified interface. The Case Management tool is a single interface software with multiple tabs to manage tickets or refer to Knowledge Base while on a call. Keeping up with the context, reducing average handle time and offering resolution as soon as possible.


From the number of queries coming in every day, agents must resolve issues as per the priority. This is very important to grow customer loyalty with your brand. With SLAs agents can resolve queries on bases of status or severity.

Integration with Knowledge Base:

To save agents from answering repetitive queries and reduce ticket volume for basic issues, the ticketing system must have integration with Knowledge Base. This even educates agents with right replies to inform customers carrying a boosted confidence.

To wrap up, the ticketing system is essential to optimize the agent’s performance and offer customers the expected satisfaction while interacting with your brand across channels. To know more about the Case Management tool, visit Cx Infinity and explore its out-of-the-box features.

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