Top 4 Benefits of an Integrated Contact Center Solution

Genesys CTI Salesforce integration

More than ever before, the resignation of agents has become commonplace today. Struggling with the pandemic scenario and coping with the competition driven by automation, organizations have a lot to do in order to improve productivity.

According to some statistics from the U.S government, more than 90 people quit their job per minute.

This data doesn’t shock much when read in context with agent attrition over the past years. As customers’ choices became more refined and specific with the growth of digitalization and enhanced communication channels, the lack of good technical tools at hand served to enhance agent attrition and hence the mass quitting.

Salesforce CTI Integration

The good news is that contact centers and workforce management companies have been able to identify the challenge and are rising to it. As isolated contact centers can no longer keep up with customer demands, integration has become a must to maintain customer satisfaction and business growth.

We take up one such example in this blog, the Genesys CTI Salesforce integration to cite the many challenges in the contact center industry that integration overcomes.

1. Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

A common perception that abounds in contact centers is a focus on agent and customer communication but internal collaboration between customer service teams is just as important. Integrating the internal communication tools into contact center software allows for every employee to be on the same page.

For example, when an agent sends a quick message to another agent or supervisor for assistance, they can work on the problem more accurately, quickly, and effectively. As the first call resolution rates improve, agents can offer better customer service and also ensure enhanced customer satisfaction. The Genesys CTI Salesforce integration saves the teams time by offering accurate data in near real-time. Agents just need to click on a phone number from any Salesforce record to make an outbound call. All incoming calls are also automatically logged into Salesforce based on the set parameters, making it easier to access data next time.

2. Redefine Customer Journey Management

Seamless integration of your CRM solution can help gain valuable business insights into customers’ actions and the factors that drive their decisions. Armed with customer information, agents can tailor their responses and processes to encourage greater conversion and satisfaction.

Customer interactions in a Genesys CTI- Salesforce integration solution are mapped against Salesforce objects to match the record based on the caller’s number or other defined data points. The Genesys solution then screen-pops the Salesforce record via Genesys CTI to the agent along with all the data collected. This also works to deliver a personalized customer experience. Superior customer experience is just a step away with the integrated solution equipped with Self-service inbound IVR, proactive customer communications, and virtual call centers.

3. Enterprise-level Capabilities but Cheaper

If you opt for any add-on solutions apart from integrated software, there is an additional cost involved in the training and maintenance of resources, not to mention the separate cost for each solution. For small businesses with strained budgets, this cost can come across as overwhelming. But with an integrated contact center solution, the cost has to be the least of your worries, as businesses of all sizes can build a contact center that meets the customers demands while also fitting into their price ranges.

The Genesys and Salesforce integration is fairly easy and does not require any hardware or software installations. It’s easy to deploy and can be accessed via any browser, thus eliminating the dependence on IT to install or manage.

4. Ensure Business Growth

Going by recent trends, omnichannel customer service and contact center capabilities are a must in the customer service industry. Especially amidst the pandemic, the adaption of omnichannel has grown considerably. As customer demands grow, call centers alone keep up. To meet the varied customer demands, contact centers ought to choose software that allows them to offer the communication channels that their customers demand. The Salesforce integration eliminates the need for multiple systems and increases productivity via a single, integrated multichannel user interface. Without an integrated solution, businesses risk falling behind customer needs and losing business to competitors who are better able to meet customer demands.

With the Genesys-Salesforce integration offered by NovelVox, organizations can add data-driven automation through self-service IVR applications by accessing data on Salesforce at the outset of every call. This enables each and every call to be personalized by utilizing the Genesys CTI and screen pops. As a result, you can focus solely on the customer and position your business as best-in-class and not worry about your technology solution.

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