Take Your Customer Engagement To The Next Level With An Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform

Customer Engagement

Engaging with today’s mobile-upward customers on their preferred ways of communication is the best way to serve them. Because when it comes to customer services, one of the things that customers always appreciate is your timely responses irrespective of the fact wherever, whenever, and whichever channel they are using to reach out to you. By using an integrated contact center interface that combines various modes of communication across platforms is how you can achieve highly satisfying customer engagement sessions.

Omnichannel contact center software is a great solution tool for today’s ever mobile customer, for it integrates various modes of communication and thus makes your customer interactions a lot more engaging. It works to your advantage from the word go and makes your customer engagement sessions highly satisfying and positive. It integrates various channels of communication such as email, video/voice chat, WhatsApp, social media platforms, Microsoft 365, bots, etc., to provide a seamless and real-time single interface interaction with your customers across platforms. Besides, it also provides video chat integration with Cisco UCCX/UCCE enabled contact center to make your communication way more integrated and effective. It does not matter where and how your customers want to reach you as long as you have an omnichannel tool to interact with them and respond to their queries across various modes of communication.

If you are looking for highly engaging interactions with your customers, an omnichannel tool takes you beyond video or voice chat to highly evolved customer engagements and ensures that you can respond to their queries seamlessly across various platforms in real-time. By going for omnichannel customer support software, your organization can establish an exceptionally good rapport with your customers, which may result in increased sales along with much improved after-sales support. Following are the benefits of having an omnichannel contact tool to interact with your customers-

Enhanced customer interactions:

One of the most common reasons why your customers look dissatisfied with your services is in the way you interact with them rather than something else. It could be the channel of communication that you are using to engage that does not establish effective communication with them or, in some cases, any delay on your part in responding to their specific query or something similar in nature. These are some of the most common pitfalls of why you fail to connect with your customers. Indeed, we fail to connect with our customers because we do not respond to them on their preferred mode of communication or the communication channel they are on. Here omnichannel customer engagement platform can help you integrate various modes of communication channels that your customers may choose to reach to you and let you respond to them in real-time with the latest information now available to you in one unified window. With all the information available at your fingertips, you can have highly evolved and engaging customer interactions with them. With its live video chat software, an omnichannel tool can provide your customers with more evolved customer interactions.

Empower your agents with the power of omnichannel:

With the most updated communication history of your customers available to your agents from various modes of communication in a single unified console, your agents know what is going on and how to respond to a specific customer in an emphatic and personalized way. With a positive atmosphere around, your agents look fresh and energetic to carry out their job effectively. They truly feel empowered by looking more in control of their actions and thus respond to the clients’ queries with vigor and renewed confidence.

Gain real-time customer insights:

Capture customer-specific information from various modes of communication for analyzing, storing, and integrating the data to the CRM system to gain real-time customer insights. This will help you to analyze and profile customers according to their specific needs.

Manage customers seamlessly across devices:

Engage with your customers anytime and anywhere in their preferred communication modes and enjoy the conversations when you have all the reasons to make your customers look happy and satisfied. It is like a video calling online software that can be integrated with the existing Cisco UCCX/UCCE contact center. Furthermore, with the help of an omnichannel tool Cisco video chat integration is easy and flawless to engage with your customer live on a wherever and whenever basis and look to be in control with all the information that you can now access to respond or resolve their specific queries.


Omnichannel software is a highly cost-effective tool due to its multifaceted features that provide seamless integration of various modes of communication into one single interface, thus saving the cost and amount of time on your part. Besides offering real-time live video chat sessions that make customer interaction more engaging, it can act like AI-based bots performing various tasks automatically with speed and precision to free-up your agents for other more productive work. Given the scenario these days, and with the advent of AI as the future of communication, omnichannel is going to be the most important tool in customer service because of its ability to seamlessly connect with customers by integrating various modes of communication across platforms in a customer contact center.

CXInfinity from NovelVox is a great omnichannel tool that can help you establish highly satisfactory customer engagement sessions with your customers, that too, on their preferred mode of communication.

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