Sneak Peek into Santa’s Call Center

Sneak Peek into Santa’s Call Center

We have already stepped in the winters or the Holiday season. And Santa is here to fulfill everyone’s wish. The list of wishes is way too long for Santa, like every year. How would Santa meet the deadline without exception? Not just that, Santa has to understand what people want and deliver 100% satisfaction. Do you think Santa has a contact center? Let’s dig deeper and take a sneak peek of the hard work behind the magical Christmas time.

Santa and his team know us all

With numerous wish calls landing to Santa, it requires elves to identify every person (customer, in contact center language), check for the details, understand and identify their requirements. Watching the Christmas elves loaded with numerous wish calls, Santa brought in a robust contact center solution i.e., Unified Agent Desktop for the little ones. Now, there is no need to switch the screens manually to fetch every caller’s details and address their request. Elves can even play (or customize) with the interface of the agent’s desktop and offer optimized performance. Surely, making Santa much happier 😊

Doesn’t matter from which corner of the world you are calling from

Did you ever wonder how everyone speaks of similar delightful experience and contentment when it comes to Santa? Here’s the spoiler ‘the elf scripting tool’. These guided dynamic scripts empower elves with clarity of what to say next and how. Also, the Knowledgebase for elves (Santa’s contact center agents) keeps them much informed about the process, leaving no scope for people to be misguided. These built-in gadgets are a fantastic gift for elves, making their work easier and increase efficiency.

Is Santa still listening? Or is it just the elf

Well, yes, a much familiar “Ho, Ho!” at times with Santa barging in from this supervisor desktop. Just like reading our letters and silent wishes a long time back, today, Santa is still silently monitoring wish calls and hearing what people have to see. Tad bit digital, however! Santa never compromises with our satisfaction level and intends to create a memorable journey for all. He is always there to guide the elves and reskill them to create an exceptional experience.

What about the elves?

How can we not remember that Santa loves to see everyone happy, including his hardworking elves and reindeers? But how does he keeps them motivated? Well, with the wallboards that display the real-time performance of elves. The Contact Center Wallboard keeps the elves motivated and build trust amongst each other. And Santa has gifts for them too, doubting if it is the choco-chip cookies!

Santa has always been an inspiration for all and so, for the contact center industry. To delight and satisfy everyone, Santa never compromises with elves training or the software that empowers them. Contact centers should upgrade their Contact Center Software Solution and enable agents to create a memorable experience this Christmas season. Happy calling! Happy Holidays!

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