Next-gen Voice Bots: Redefining the Way People Communicate and Perform Daily Tasks

Voice Bots

Ensuring the utmost level of customer satisfaction is a perennial challenge for many businesses. So, what do today’s customers expect from businesses? Initially, they expect immediacy and personalisation. Implementing customer self-service tools and offering high-quality responses are the best ways of achieving them.

One tool that overcomes many challenges and performs many tasks is Voice Bot. As per the Capgemini Consumer Survey Report 2019, over 70 per cent of customers prefer using conversational assistants to research or buy products and services. Voice bots are not intended to replace human agents, rather the implementation of this technology complements human agents.

The promising functionalities of smart voice assistants, such as Alexa, Siri, and more make lives easier and offer greater fluidity, speed, and time savings to the customers. The intelligent, natural, and intuitive interaction with conversational robots allows customers to self-service them. If any query is too complex or needs a human touch, it’s passed to a live agent. The agent receives the entire context and details of the query to complete the call.

The AI-powered voice bots offer immense benefits to many industries by transforming customer support. Here are some of them.


Accessible 24×7:

Now, enable customers to self-serve via their preferred voice. Unlike live agents, voice bots are available 24/7/. The immediacy offered by voice bots improves the overall customer service experience as customers can interact at any time of day and whenever they need it most.

Personalize the Customer Relationship:

Voice bots make interactions consistent and friendly as they never get frustrated like humans. Interactive voice bots add a user-friendly dimension to the overall customer service experience, given the conversational nature of the technology itself.

Transfer to live agents with ease:

Voice bots and humans work best when they come together. Voice bots can pass relevant information and transfer calls to agents in case of complex issues for seamless experiences.

Scale-up business operations by reducing waiting times:

Voice bots can answer calls without any delay. Now, stop putting customers on hold and make your contact center more accessible. Human agents can handle a maximum of two to three conversations at a time. Whereas, voice bots can handle multiple customers with accuracy at the same time.

Voice bots reduce the expenses:

This is one of the biggest benefits that voice bots bring to organizations. They help to optimize resources and reduce the overall customer service contact rate through the automation of simple customer service interactions that do not truly require human intervention. This, in turn, frees up customer service agents to focus on more complex issues or inquiries.

Given the rise of AI and advanced speech recognition technologies, voice bots are gaining traction and emerging as the highly preferred customer self-service tool. AI voice bot usage can be best recognized through its real-time cases and capability to allow effortless business operations and efficiently meet customers’ demands.

AI-based chatbots are revolutionizing the customer service experience and are poised to become a new standard in the customer service industry. Now the big question lies with you: are you willing to adopt voice bots to ensure the utmost level of customer satisfaction?

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