Does Integrating Salesforce with Cisco CTI Empower Contact Centers Agents

Integrating Salesforce with Cisco

Salesforce is the most-used lead-tracking and analysis system employed by companies of all sizes. Its ability to quickly retrieve, track, and organize customer information helps organizations like Contact Centers enhance customer experience and improve agent performance. It offers a wealth of planning resources at your disposal for efficient scheduling and prioritization of tasks.

In short, Salesforce is a widely-used Customer Relationship Management system that empowers your agents with a secure cloud platform to store and retrieve customer information, organize lead accounts, chat with other agents, and a lot more. In short, it lets your agents do more than just answer calls.

But, can you make actual calls using the Salesforce platform? No, of course. For making calls, you would require a separate telephony solution similar to Cisco, Avaya, and Genesys.

But what if you get a Salesforce system with extended capabilities for making telephone calls? This means a system that helps you access customer data as well as make/receive telephonic calls. Sounds interesting? It is actually possible to have such an integrated Salesforce system with Open CTI tools.

Salesforce CTI Integration

Let’s learn about the Salesforce-CTI integration!

How does Integrating CTI systems with Salesforce Help

Salesforce allows you to integrate third-party CTI systems (such as CISCO CTI) with all versions of Salesforce without the use of third-party adapters. It provides a base to create easy-to-customize softphones integrated within the Salesforce console itself. In short, you are getting a system that combines the functionalities of both the CTI and CRM systems.

Let’s be specific now and learn the same thing w.r.t the CISCO CTI system.

Integrating Salesforce with Cisco CTI

Every Cisco contact center business requires integration with robust CRM to offer the best possible customer experience and empower agents. Salesforce drives customer experience to the next level, especially with Salesforce Cisco CTI integration.

NovelVox achieves the same by creating a Cisco adapter using Finesse APIs. To integrate the adapter as CTI in Salesforce, the Open CTI plugin provided by Salesforce is used.

Salesforce Cisco CTI Features by NovelVox

CRM screen transfer – An empowering feature of this integration is that now agents can continue a transferred call on a more informed note. Here, all information about a caller and notes from an earlier agent is forwarded automatically to the subsequent agent with the call. It saves the customer from repeating all the information. It keeps up the call context, and quality is maintained to the optimum level.

Click to dial – This feature removes the need for entering numbers manually on a desk phone or on-screen softphone. The numbers within Salesforce are converted into clickable links that are called straightaway with a click. This web-to-phone feature creates a seamless calling process. It improves the agent’s performance and, therefore, the revenue.

Intelligent dialing – Irrespective of prefix or suffix or phone number format, intelligent dialing ensures that screen pop and click-to-dial work fine. Data is automatically adapted to the dialing patterns such as regional or handset, etc. The seamless call connectivity without any interruption improves the agent experience.

Screen pop – It is one of the most powerful features of Salesforce CTI. Here the customer’s information pop-up on the screen even before the agent answers the call. It displays data that helps create a personalized customer experience. It is advisable to have an optimized screen pop where fields can be altered according to the business requirement.

Automated call logging – This feature eliminates the need for logging calls manually. It decreases call wrap-up time significantly as agents can quickly add notes. All calls are captured along with call duration or other related records.

Salesforce Cisco CTI Benefits

Improve efficiency – the integration enables agents with required information that helps reduce average handle time. Agents are more focused on the conversation with customers instead of switching screens an endless time a day. Agents get more productive than ever, so they can handle higher call volumes. From CRM updates to call holds, Salesforce Cisco CTI integration allows agents to save time and effort.

Cost-efficient – With seamless integration, there is an improved call resolution that allows agents to handle more calls and eliminates the need for hiring new agents. Since the newbies need added time on training related to products and processes and more. This turns out to be a considerable investment of time and money from a business on new agents. But not anymore, with CTI integration in place.

Enhanced caller experience – With 3rd party integration and screen pop details, agents can deliver a personalized experience to the callers. Building trust makes new customers into returning ones.

Other benefits include

  • Inter-team collaboration
  • Caller authentication
  • Simplified call handling
  • Agent retention with improved agent experience

The modern contact center is not just about call answering but being more welcoming. Customer Relationship Management Systems like Salesforce have contributed a lot to improve the customer experience by showing the right information at the right time. But what makes it even more powerful is its integration with Computer Telephony Systems (CTIs). A CTI-integrated Salesforce system not only enables contact centers quickly access customer data but makes actual calls.

Novelvox Salesforce integration with Cisco CTI is one such application that offers a seamless calling experience. Its powerful suite of features helps the newbie contact center agents sound more professional and experienced, ensuring the next-level customer experience.

Salesforce CISCO CTI Connector

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