Customer service requirement for business growth

business growth

Good customer service is a valuable asset your business needs to possess lifelong. From revenue to reputation, everything is dependent on how good or bad is your customer service. Here are some stats to consider

  • 96% of customers believe customer service influences their choice of loyalty to a brand.
  • 17% more spending is expected from consumers on a company with outstanding customer service.
  • 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies offering excellent customer service.
  • It is quite clear that customer service is directly proportional to CX. So, the better customer service you offer, the more customers will be coming to your business time and again. Does it mean that you need to have alert agents who reply to every call on time or welcome your customers to the bank with a smile? Ahh, sorry, but that’s not all. There are a lot of customers expect from a brand in terms of customer service

    Customer service elements that affect business growth and customer satisfaction

    Know your customer’s journey:

    Before starting with any customer service, it is necessary to draw a customer’s journey to understand the lifestyle change, modifications in preferences, touchpoints with the company, and more. Now you can plan well by analyzing the gap between customer’s expectations and your offering. Such results are visible to the customer in your services.


    Customers appreciate consistent interaction across channels. 9 out of 10 customers look forward to omnichannel engagement with seamless conversation across platforms. Repeating issues to different reps across platforms is frustrating. For instance, a customer connecting with a bank over different channel receives separate statements related to loan repayment that creates confusion and frustration. Doubt prevailing in the customer’s mind keeps him unsatisfied, and he resists doing business with the organization (or invest money in the bank, as here). So, an integrated omnichannel solution assures seamless switch between channel, keeping the interaction history secure. There is no loss of context throughout the customer journey with the brand.

    Incorporate feedback:

    Ask and incorporate feedback. Customers feel valued when they are heard. Regardless of feedback being good or bad, it is essential to listen to your customers. These inputs (big or small) help improve your service in no time resulting in exceptional CX satisfying customers. It is not a setback but an opportunity to connect better with your customers, make them feel important, and increase repeat transactions.

    Valuable interaction:

    Just any reply won’t do the magic, but quality interactions will do. No customer ever wishes to be passed through multiple agents to get a solution. When your agents have access to an updated and integrated knowledge base, they reply with the customer’s quality information. Right replies build trust and confidence of customers in a brand. Incorrect information related to product or service makes customers doubt the quality. Further, customers prefer self-help instead of connecting with agents for everything. They appreciate access to a knowledge base, especially for technical assistance. Stats say, 40% of customers prefer self-help over human contact.

    Quick resolution:

    Another customer service element that keeps connected with the brand is the speedy resolution. 67% of customer churn is preventable if issues if resolved in the first go. Your customer’s problems must be noticed, noted, tracked, and fixed in time. Don’t mistake to keep them hanging – Customers can wait if they know for how long. An integrated ticketing system helps you create, manage, and resolved tickets across channels without a miss. Another factor that delight customer is the right agent handling their concern in the first go instead of being passed to multiple agents. This is possible with AI routing. Basis the intent of the conversation, the customer is redirected to the most appropriate agent instantly. This reduced AHT and improves resolution, creating a win-win situation for both business and customers.

    Attitude matters:

    Your customer service rep is expected to be the humblest person on the earth who offers friendly service. Whether in-person or over digital platforms, a friendly attitude with patience creates a stronger bond between brand and customer. Clear and honest communication with a hint of care can do miracles to your service along with some agent skills. Rude replies, long hold times, not asking for reviews, no smile can never make your customer service a five star.

    Be in sync with technology:

    To make your agents outperform and deliver exceptional customer service, it is necessary to equip them with the best tools. For instance, when the world is moving to video chat solutions, you can’t be happy assisting customers just over phone and email. Upgrade and adapt to customer’s needs else; they will soon switch to your competitors.

    Customer service has immense importance. It is the foundation for exceptional customer experience, happier customers and agents, increasing customer base, and multiplying revenue. From store to digital platforms, customer-friendly service is a game-changer for all. Even a start-up with experiential customer service has the power to be at par with businesses running from ages.

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