Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Integrations You Should be Thankful for

CTI Integrations

Businesses globally are prioritizing customer experience over prices and products. Customers are slowly shifting their loyalties to better experiences and if you fail to fulfill their expectations, they’re going to leave ultimately. CX initiatives are also beneficial for businesses, almost doubling up revenues.

“3 years of investment in customer experience could make organizations clock an additional revenue of $700mn”

Customers are willing to pay more for quality customer services.

86% customers value experience over money as per PWC Research. 49% of buyers make impulse purchases after receiving more personalized customer service.

CTI Integration

And this is going to be a significant differentiator for brands around the world.

What does your business ought to do?

If personalized customer experience matters so much, why then should you stay behind? The personalized customer service ecosystem is more sustainable, customer friendly and wise to adopt, revenue wise. It can aid in-

  • Retaining customers
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Improving sales

CTI integration, though not a new concept, can be instrumental in helping you achieve the above mentioned goals. With CTI, companies can revamp their services and also help in identifying opportunities for your business.

What is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

CTI allows coordination between your computer and telephonic systems. Call-control functions can be easily performed using the computer. You can answer calls, play recorded messages, re-route calls, recognize callers prior to picking up calls and so much more using the computer with CTI integration. It can also be viewed as all your technological devices talking to each other which breaks silos and helps in sustaining conversation context.

Benefits of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI):

Here are some benefits for CTI integration that might help you in understanding its importance better:

Streamline Workflows:

Siloed work processes can cost you in terms of productivity. Why should your agent’s be wasting time looking for relevant data? With CTI integration, agents can get quick access to customer data and interaction history. It would thus make proactive services a norm and render quality customer services. This can eventually lead to better revenue realization as well.

Effective Call Routing:

With CTI, a company’s telephony, inbound and outbound, IVR, recording, reporting etc. are integrated with the databases and business tools. This can make routing a simple task. All calls along with call data are automatically logged in real time with CTI. With this information, KPIs can be targeted and performance can be measured for improvement.

Deliver Personalized Services:

As agent tasks and workflows are streamlined by consolidation of data flowing in from multiple sources into a single location, customers can be served better. It will put all call logs and caller details in one place and provide a holistic view of the customer journey. This can help in understanding customer needs better and serving them accordingly.

Reduced AHT:

Meaningful and context based communication is important to reduce call times. Customer authentication is done automatically by mapping information against the company’s database. When the agent knows who is calling and has access to caller details along with interaction history, the caller doesn’t have to repeat his requirements.

Easy Call Management:

CTI eliminated the need for separate phones, slashing down costs and maintenance efforts. Agent can receive calls directly via his workstation. All call controls can be smoothly handled like answering a call, call transfer, call hold, call conference etc. Without the need for a separate device.

Abilities of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI):

CTI can significantly transform your workflows and give you an edge over competitors. Here are some core CTI abilities:

Dynamic Screen Pop-ups:

Screen Pop-ups give the agent the ability to access customer details, and handle phone calls. Meanwhile they can also take call notes. This mitigates the need for browsing multiple screens to access data, saving time for both parties.

CRM Screen Transfer:

With CTI, agents can transfer calls and also their screens. This allows the call context to be sustained and streamline the flow of information to serve customers better in a timely manner.

Intelligent Call Routing:

Skill based routing techniques like IVR and ACD can be used with CTI. This can help in routing calls to the agent or department that is best suited to handle it. This brings pro-activeness in customer service.

Call Monitoring:

It can give insights about agent’s performance and how customers are being served. It can enable managers to guide agents and coach them to deliver better services.

Automated Dialling:

Agents can make use of power-dialling, click-to-dial, automated dialling to make the calling process easier.

Must-have CTI Integrations for 2023:

Here’s the list of smart CTI Connector Integration for Cisco, Avaya, Genesys and Mitel you should have in the new year to achieve new heights of customer service.

Salesforce CTI Integration:

Renowned as the world’s best CRM platform, it’s capabilities can be further enhanced with CTI integration. Supervisor desktops, and industry specific integrations can help in gaining customer trust while boosting organizational productivity.

ServiceNow CTI Integration:

With seamless integration, agents can be empowered to deliver better in a shorter span of time. Sustained call context and unified customer information can help in faster call resolutions.

Zendesk CTI Integration:

Highly flexible and customizable integrations would empower agents to raise and manage tickets easily. Contact center operations can be smoothly streamlined to deliver quick assistance to callers.

MS Dynamic CTI Integration:

Make customer engagements more personalized with MS Dynamics integration. Deliver hassle-free customer support and resolve customer queries in a timely manner. Improve the scope of personalization by utilizing seamless integration with third-party applications.

The smart CTI connector integrations ensure that no customer is left unattended by your organization. Typically, many organizations miss calls when all agents are busy and customers abandon the calls due to long call queues. However, the smart CTI connectors record and track the phone calls into your CRM, making for agents to follow up for a seamless customer experience and drive loyalty.

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