Connect With NovelVox Epic CTI Connector To Extend The Capability Of Standalone Epic Application

Epic CTI Connector

Epic is a privately held software company that helps hospitals and other healthcare providers maintain medical records. The epic software is a one-stop platform where patients can register, book appointments, view related medical records.

Now the question is, what does a CTI connector do? What is its role and why one should consider opting for it?

Epic CTI connector adds telephony functionality to a standalone epic application. Using the Computer-telephony integration, it integrates the telephony solution of your contact center to the epic application via a CTI connector which is termed as Epic CTI Connector.

In simple terms, with an Epic CTI connector, your agents will be able to make/receive calls right inside the epic application. They need not switch to the telephony solution to make calls.

Epic CTI Connector


  • Softphone Functionality
  • Screen pop
  • Call Disposition
  • Click to Call
  • Let’s discuss these features in detail.

    1. Softphone Functionality

    A softphone allows you to make calls over the internet without using dedicated hardware. NovelVox Epic CTI connector comes with an in-built softphone functionality that enables agents to access all call control features right inside the Epic.

                                                           Softphone Functionality                      Softphone Functionality

    Following are the various softphone features that this CTI connector comes with:

    • Dialpad: Enables agent to dial in patient’s contact number to make an outbound call
    • Agent States: Enables agents to change states from “Ready” to “Not-Ready” or vice-versa. Ready state indicates the agent is ready to receive incoming calls and Not-Ready state indicates only outbound calls can be made.
    • Call Answer: Enables agents to receive incoming calls by clicking on the “Call Answer” button
    • Call Hold: Enables agents to put an ongoing call on hold
    • Call Consult: Enables agents to switch to a Dialpad to connect to another online agent for a quick call discussion

    2. Screen Pop Control

    It’s the ability of the connector to pop the patient’s detail on Zendesk’s screen for all incoming calls. With this information, the agent receiving the call gets to see all the necessary information about the on-call patient even before receiving the call. This further helps the agent know the context of the call and deliver an exceptional patient experience.

    3. Call Disposition

    Call disposition codes are wrap-up codes that help agents to save the call context by providing information on how the call was wrapped. Was it successful or did the patient ask for another session? With NovelVox CTI Connector, the agents get to select one of many wrap-up codes configured by the administrator to summarize the call.

    4. Click to Call

    Ever felt how would it feel if you have to search a contact in the application and then dial in the saved phone number separately in the dial pad to call the patient? Frustrating, isn’t it. To save contact center agents from this pain of searching and dialing a contact number, the Epic CTI connector from NovelVox comes with the “Click to Call” feature. With this feature, whenever a contact is searched in the application, the agent will be able to see a “phone” icon in the patient’s profile. Clicking on this will directly place a call to the linked contact number.

    No more screen switches to make calls.


    The above-mentioned features of NovelVox Epic CTI Connector extend the capability of a standalone Epic system. The connector empowers agents with effective call control functions to deliver the next-level customer experience.

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