5 Reasons to Integrate CTI with CRM


Computer Telephony Integration or CTI is a connectivity tool that ties a phone system to desktop. It is designed to improve the experience, sales, and service offered by the business. To harness its potential, integrate CTI with 3rd party CRM or ticketing application. From identifying, routing to recording, there’s a lot that can be done with a CTI connector.

Benefits of CTI connector

CTI Integration

1. Advance call answering and tracking:

CTI connector allows agents to make effortless calls with a click of a button. Additionally, agents can answer calls, hold, transfer or route calls to the appropriate person. It is an effective tool to streamline the data management process as call logs are automatically updated into the CRM. This way agents can focus on having a quality conversation with customers for long-term relationships.

2. Easy data management:

Integrating a CTI connection with the CRM system not only pop-up caller details but also store relevant customer information. Its note-taking feature allows agents to update information related communication via all channels including, social media, email, business cards, and more. So, all customer information, purchase details, interaction history is stored safely at one location that can be accessed by the entire team in a click.

3. Increased efficiency:

It saves an agent from doing any manual search related to customer details by switching multiple screens. With CTI connector, all customer data from CRM applications automatically pops-up on the screen with relevant customer data. So, even before answering a call, an agent can see all details and address customers with their first name. Also, it displays information related to customer’s purchase, previous interactions, requests and more that further cuts down on call duration.

4. Enhanced experience:

With ease and higher empowerment of viewing all customer information on a single screen, agents get a positive experience. They can handle larger number of calls and resolve customer queries in the first instance only. And, as the saying goes, the happy agent creates happy customers. With CTI connector in place, agents don’t need to put customers on hold or ask them to repeat their details time and again. Also, being addresses by the name gives a personalized feel to the customer.

5. Profitable application:

For any business, ROI is the top-most priority and contact center is no different. Incorporating CTI connector save numerous 15-20 seconds of agents lost in toggling screens. Further reducing average handle time (AHT), increasing first call resolution (FCR) and being able to handle large call volumes. This saves companies from hiring new agents, spending on their training, seats, systems and more.



This integration helps contact centers get more specific to customer needs and create a better experience. It helps in automation of workflow that saves time and effort of agents and callers, thereby improving efficiency. Now that you know why you should integrate CTI with CRM, here is the NovelVox CTI connector to the solution. Along with the above-mentioned features, it also comes with easy drag and drops studio that allows the business to customize the fields of CTI connector basis agents’ needs.

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