5 Power Scripts for Inexperienced Contact Center Agents

5 Power Scripts for Inexperienced Contact Center Agents

“Good morning Mrs. Anne, how may I help you?”

The line is not new to our ears. It is an agent’s script pitched to a caller. One of the deciding factors that define if the caller will stay on the call or not. An agent is the foundation of a contact center and his script is the best possible measure to create a memorable customer experience. This makes it imperative to have a quality script for all agents based on the products/services and business processes.

Script content and delivery is the easiest way to identify how experienced an agent is and what kind of solution will he be able to provide. But with the immense pressure of everyday increasing call volumes, it gets tougher to train new agents. Soon they are handed over the task of attending calls. Since the caller is unaware of these facts and expects expert reverts from anyone on the other side of the phone, contact centers need to have a series of dynamic guided scripts. These will make the newbies or inexperienced agents handle calls perfectly. Thereby, improving the customer experience delivered by the contact center.

There are numerous scripts for contact center representatives but not all are designed for your set of customers or processes. Here are some power-packed scripts that assure seamless and revenue-focused interactions from even the inexperienced agents.

Time specific agent scripts

Time-specific Agent Script

“Mr./Mrs. Anne, today is the last day of the 30% discount. If you avail of this service by 12 midnight today, you can get a free service for the next 2 months.”

The key here is time. Emphasis on the “today” creates a sense of urgency. Agents appear professional and with a plan. Today, everyone is too busy and the concept of playing on time can help you sell services/products at a much faster pace. It is just about the confidence and understanding of the customers. This saves an agent from sounding inexperienced in front of the customer. Further agent script can guide them through the process. As the script follows steps that help agents understand what to address next.

Omnichannel agent scripts

Omnichannel Presence Script

Morning Mrs. Anne, we are delighted to assist you on this social media.”, “Would you prefer further communications via email or chat?”

Such statements that talk about the company’s presence on social media or other channels grow trust in customers. Asking for preferred mode of communication and being present where customers are most active will make your business their 1st choice. Again, such a pitch will make the inexperienced agent appear as a trained and experienced person who cares for the customers. Speaking of being omnichannel is like making the life of customers easy. They will prefer engaging with your business at all possible places.

Personalized Agent Script

Personalized Agent Script

“Does this product suit your budget?”, “We are offering this discount just for our gold members”, “The company has just launched this discounted subscription for our 50 customers”

Here the scenarios speak of personalization. Every customer wants to feel important. Such scripts focus on the particular customer’s importance for the business. These statements make the agents sound informed and positive. Callers prefer interacting with such agents to collect information related to the deal that will benefit and are likely to purchase the product or offer.

Terminology Scripts

Problem statement with industries’ terminology

“Do your patients struggle with appointments and reports?”, “Hasn’t it been long since you have started searching for a new house?”

Approaching customers by emphasizing on their problem statement is another effective way to win trust. New agents talking to callers with similar questions sound as a ray of light dispersing darkness from the customer’s life. Especially if issues have caused some major loss or been hanging with them for long. Such scripts turn out to be an amazing relationship builder between the customer and the business and make the agents look knowledgeable.

Money Agent Scripts

Money-related Agent Script

“May I know what price are you looking for?”, “We are offering referral discounts on this plan.”

Everyone loves to save money and so do your customers. They would love to stay associated with your business if they find monetary benefits along with a positive customer experience. When agents talk about money or savings, customers are all ears. Again, your inexperienced agents can win customers with such discussions. Something in favor of customers makes them feel valued and give reasons to do word-of-mouth marketing for your business.

The aforesaid scripts are a great Contact Center Solution empowering your newbie agents to handle customers like a pro. You can manipulate the scripts depending on your industry and customers. In addition to the script, product knowledge is a great confidence booster among agents. Make use of all possible contact center technologies that can enhance the agent’s performance irrespective of their experience.

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