Supercharge Cisco Finesse with Advance Integrations.

Best Ways to Integrate Cisco Finesse CCE/X with Salesforce, MS Dynamics, ServiceNow & Zendesk.

Increase agent’s productivity and improve customer experience by enabling personalized service through deep customer insights right at the point of interaction. NovelVox CTI connector enables you to provide the right information, in real time so your agents can immediately start helping customers instantly.

NovelVox CTI Connectors integrates Cisco Finesse CCE/X with Salesforce, MS Dynamics, ServiceNow & Zendesk seamlessly by embedding directly in your CRM or ticketing platform. With NovelVox CTI Connector you can:

Drag & Drop Screen POPs Designer Studio NovelVox Exclusive : Build your Screen POP using drag and drop Novelvox Designer Studio as per your business needs.

  • Dynamic Screen POP: Screen pop based on incoming user-entered IVR information
  • Click to Dial: Click-to-dial from within CRM records
  • CRM Screen Transfer: CRM screen transfer with calls, Propagated caller ID on transferred call
  • Configurable Speed Dials: Configurable speed dial buttons
  • Enhanced Reporting/Call Logging: The solution enables enhanced management reporting on call data and performance metrics in your CRM dashboard, which you can use to make smart decisions about the administration of your contact center
  • Queues/Skill Group Live Feed: Real-time data of Agent Queues/Skill Group is available to Agent.
  • Intelligent Dialing: No matter what country or area code your agents and callers are in, you can configure Prefix and Suffix required to dial out.
  • Agent Performance Stats: Agent Performance Reports like Call Offered, handled is available to improve Agent Productivity.
  • Team Real-time Status: Agent can view the Status of the Other Agents of his Team.

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