Oracle CTI Connector

Connect your Oracle Service Cloud, CRM, Fusion, or Siebel environment with a business phone system for enhanced efficiency. Seamless contact center integration available for Cisco Finesse, Cisco Webex, Avaya, Genesys, Amazon Connect, Five9, Dialpad, Nice, Zoom, Dialpad, and 8×8.
Oracle Service Cloud CTI connector

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Advance Call Handling with Oracle CTI Connector
to Enhance Agent Efficiency

Satisfy customer expectations and improve conversion rates with Oracle Service Cloud CTI Integration. Automate workflows to deliver optimal customer service by seamlessly integrating Oracle Service Cloud with leading Contact Centers.

Strengthen Call Management

Elevate customer experience by seamlessly integrating Oracle Service Cloud with CTI connectors. Reduce call wait times and welcome customers to a personalized space by displaying caller details on an embedded CTI interface within the Oracle environment.
Oracle Service Cloud CTI integration
oracle connector

Supercharge Agent Productivity

Allow agents to provide improved customer service with advanced Oracle telephony integrations. Save time on calls and data sourcing by seamlessly integrating Oracle Service Cloud and CTI Connectors.

Ready Integrations for
Optimized Processes

Empower your agents with advanced tools and techniques and support agent-customer interactions by simplifying contact center processes and adding enhanced features. Bring in the much-anticipated conversion rates by rationalizing call handling time and resolving calls faster.
oracle CTI Integration


A computer telephony integration technology that allows you to connect Oracle CRM with your existing telephony system. The integration enables agents to handle customer interactions from within the Oracle environment, hence enabling seamless interaction handling for agents.
Yes, the Oracle CTI connector from NovelVox is omnichannel-enabled. However, the ability to integrate with digital channels is restricted to specific contact centers only. Please connect with our solution experts to discuss your unique integration requirements.
The call routing part is handled by integrated phone system. The connector interface only allows you to showcase the routed interaction inside Oracle Service Cloud for seamless call handling.

Learn More About Oracle CTI Integration
in Contact Centers:

Oracle is one of the most extensive and broad-spectrum stack of cloud applications and cloud platforms services. It encompasses a range of contact center solutions including CRMs, database, and more. Some of these solutions such as Siebel, Oracle Service Cloud, and Fusion can be made more accessible and easier to use with CTI integration.


How? With the help of NovelVox CTI connectors; Smart Connectors.


Let us first understand the different types of Oracle solutions and how CTI connectors can help.

Oracle Service Cloud brings desktop client and WebApp to the equation, making customer experience seamless across platforms. When connected with a CTI connector, the Oracle Service Cloud gets access to quick customer information and the ability to make and receive calls directly from the interface itself.


Similarly with Oracle Fusion, which is the most advanced CRM to come from the Oracle ecosystem so far. Fusion is a cloud-based CRM that can be made smarter and more efficient with the help of Smart Connectors. With Oracle Fusion CTI integration, you can expand the CRM’s functionalities and significantly improve how you connect with your customers.


Last but not the least, Oracle Siebel, which is an on-prem as well as cloud-based CX solution, can also make great use of CTI integration. Siebel is a scalable, performance-oriented application with a healthy customization option and integration capabilities. It also boasts an open architecture for a personalized user experience.


With CTI integration in place, Siebel transforms into a much faster and powerful CX solution, allowing seamless customer interaction and productive agent experience.

But how does a CTI connector help with Oracle Service Cloud, Siebel, Fusion, and more?


A CTI connector works by connecting your CRM with your contact center telephony system. By bringing your CRM with a telephony system, you inevitably bring a number of real-world, practical features to your customer service experience.

Here’s how Smart Connectors a.k.a Oracle connector can help you make the most of your CRM to deliver unparalleled service across the board.

When your telephony system and your CRM are integrated, you can bid goodbye to a number of time-taking processes and focus on delivering timely and effective customer service. Firstly, our Smart Connectors bring your telephony system right into your CRM interface, allowing agents to make and receive calls directly from the CRM interface.


As soon as you connect your telephony system with your CRM, the CRM displays a small dialer on the screen, using which calls can be received and dialed. Moreover, as soon as you make and receive calls, the CRM automatically displays all the relevant information on the person on the other end so agents can understand the context and lead an informed conversation.

What’s more? CTI connectors also help bring out a set of features in the CRM that can transform the way you interact with customers. The features that a CTI connector brings to your CRM include Click to Dial and ScreenPop.


The Click to Dial feature is pretty self explanatory. When you bring your telephony system together with your CRM, you get a click to dial option against every customer in your CRM data. This feature allows you to make a call to any of your customers with a single click without having to leave the CRM interface.


The ScreenPop feature, on the other hand, is the next essential step to streamlining customer service. The ScreenPop feature basically is a prompt that pops up relevant information on a certain customer as soon as that customer contacts the customer service representative. So, as soon as the agents make or receive a call, all the information on the customer regarding their order history, basic introduction, shopping pattern, status on the last interaction, and more pops up right in front of the agent on the CRM screen.


Summing it up, Oracle CTI connector is a groundbreaking integration example for Oracle cloud service, Siebel, Fusion, and more. It not only empowers agents but also streamlines customer experience and steadily improves major contact center KPIs by saving time and simplifying workflows.

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