iVision Plus: Advanced Avaya Contact Center Wallboards

iVision Plus Avaya wallboard offers real-time agent performance stats to manage and motivate team.
Avaya Wallboard

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Intuitive Wallboards Designs

NovelVox Avaya Wallboard software can retrieve real-time data and metrics for the team and individual agents at the contact center. The display of performance is represented with intuitive designs

Avaya Wallboard
Avaya Wallboard

Instant notification for Avaya Wallboards

Receive real-time alerts and notifications over email, SMS and more for a much more monitored performance. Get a control over threshold breaches with active management even when team lead is not at the desk

Avaya Wallboard for Seat Plan

Seat plan gives a glance at the entire Avaya contact center seats and agent status. Monitor and instruct agents status based on their live, offline, waiting, etc. Notify for errors and compare performance.

iVision Touch Mobile Dashboard

Observe agent performance even on the go by retrieving real-time KPIs over iVision Touch for Avaya call center. This NovelVox application is an extensible mobile application.

Interactive ‘Gamified’ Wallboard

Add a hint of excitement to the monotonous monitoring part for agents and create a friendly competitive environment at work to boost performance with gamified Avaya wallboard

Avaya Wallboard
Avaya Wallboard

Over 70 Integrated Avaya Wallboard Designs

Choose from the existing wallboard template or modify it anytime based on your business requirement. From logo, color to other brand essentials, personalize your wallboard.

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What our customers say

Mohammed Yasin

Agent desktop by NovelVox ensured better agent and customer experience. Its ability to easily customize and create gadgets as per our needs is truly amazing.

Mark Coleman

We no more need to worry about exposing all customer information from CRM and our internal data to agents. Agents now have access to only that information which they require for handling calls. We explored many solutions but NovelVox was the only one who delivered it. It’s been working great so far.

Tim Nicholas

NovelVox has helped us improve the overall agent-customer experience with not just the screen pop application, but also by building a desktop as per our specific requirements. It’s exactly what we needed.

Audrey Hill

I research and found NovelVox to be the one support with the condo with the different applications from ServiceNow to Salesforce to Excel, so with the different applications with one product they are so flexible.

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