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Contact Center Agent Desktop Tools to Create Happy Agents

Unified Agent Desktops

Unified Agent Desktops

Unify the Agent Desktop by integrating to all your business applications. Pre-built connectors are available.

Pre-Built Gadgets

Cisco Finesse Gadgets

Choose from any of our pre-built Gadgets to quickly and simply add functionality. New Gadgets constantly added by NovelVox.

Agent Scripting Tool

Finesse Gadget Designer

Create Agent Scripts quickly and easily to improve customer experience

Unified Agent Desktops for improved customer experience

Your call center agent desktop is vital to delivering a greatly improved customer experience. A powerful and well thought out unified agent desktop can empower your agents to perform better for we all know, happy agents equals happy customers.

All NovelVox Agent Desktops, whether it is for Cisco Finesse, Genesys or Avaya, all share a powerful design ethos: To provide your call center agent with a Unified view of your customer. Unification includes telephony integration and integrating to all your existing applications to reveal all relevant customer information at the right time. Many call this the ‘Single Pane of Glass’ view.

Optimized Contact Center Agent Desktop to Reduce Average Handling Time

Once the relevant customer information is retrieved, this must be presented to the call center agent quickly. This means minimal page scrolls, minimal clicks and absolutely no application switching. Your customer is not prepared to wait and the longer it takes to resolve the issue, the more dissatisfied the customer is.

We work in partnership with you, so be assured this optimization is in place. We analyse your processes and 3rd party applications to determine the most effective contact center agent desktop design for your call center. We aim to reduce your average handling time through a unified agent desktop, whilst improving first call resolution. Unified agent desktops help to maximize agent focus for a much improved customer experience.

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