Create compelling, consistent patient experiences with Industry’s first NovelVox CTI Connector for Epic which embeds the CTI call control within your EPIC software.

Agents can stay worry-free from swapping between applications and start the call by addressing caller by the first name. Agents can start helping caller right from the patient details in Epic as soon as call lands to an agent, without the effort of bringing the customer’s information, flicking through screens and post-call wrap-up, resulting in savings in call average handle time (AHT) and overall boost to productivity.

First-ever CTI connector for Epic

NovelVox embedded CTI connector compatible with Cisco, Avaya & Genesys automatically displays the relevant patient information within Hyperspace, enabling agents to handle calls more effectively. The call controls are embedded inside the user toolbar within Epic.

  • Screen Pop Patient Profile in Epic: Immediately recognize patient with detailed profile view within Epic Hyperspace.
  • Manage Call Controls from Epic: Manage agent availability, view agent stats, call wrap up all from intuitive NovelVox CTI toolbar embedded within Epic software.
  • Boost Productivity and Save time: Boost productivity with Click to dial, automatic dialling, configurable prefix, suffix and more.
  • Minimum onboarding and training time: With CTI connector within Epic, your agents are productive from first hour with minimum training time since there is no change in the core interface of Epic software.
  • Integrate and Optimize CTI Connector: Make most of NovelVox CTI connector in Epic with further 3rd party integration and interface optimization within Connector tool bar. That means you can easily integrate a 3rd party ticketing software within Connector tool within Epic for a 360 view.


NovelVox Agent Desktop for Healthcare

Get a 360-degree view of patient information and other performance improving gadgets all on a single unified agent desktop.

  • Unified Patient View: Get complete patient information in a single screen with NovelVox Agent Desktop designed exclusively for Healthcare.
  • Integrated Agent Desktop: Integrate desktop with EMR/EHR such as Epic, Cerner, Aetna, etc. 3rd party applications and with any bespoke application or database for one unified view.
  • Manage EMR/EHR Services from Agent Desktop: Manage appointments, view Doctor’s schedule, appointment history, etc. right from one agent desktop.
  • Powerful Gadgets to optimized performance: Configure ticketing, knowledge base, agent scripting, agent personal phone book, agent stats gadget within agent desktop to optimize agent’s performance.


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