Streamlining Your Healthcare Contact Center Operations with EPIC CTI Connector

EPIC CTI Connector

Healthcare organizations face a unique challenge when it comes to delivering seamless patient experience – i.e. ensuring the accuracy of the patients’ medical records exchanged during live interactions. A patient may contact a service provider to enquire about an appointment, billing concerns, insurance claim, or an urgent medical assistance. In any of the cases, the need for secure and accurate data records becomes paramount. Sharing an incorrect quote with a customer may have consequences, but sharing incorrect or outdated information that could risk someone’s life is an entirely different matter.

This clearly indicates how critical it is to both maintain and share data precisely in the healthcare industry.

This is where EMR/EHR software, such as Epic, comes into play.

Read on to learn about Epic’s comprehensive medical software modules and the role they play in ensuring the patient safety and high-quality care in healthcare contact centers. Also, learn how connecting your Epic software with a telephony system helps improve agent productivity and enhance service experience for patients and members.

Understanding Epic and its Software Modules

Epic Systems is a leading provider of telemedicine software that specializes in developing Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and other solutions for a wide range of healthcare organizations. With modules like Epic Hyperspace, Hyperdrive, and the healthcare CRM Cheers, Epic empowers healthcare and private organizations to efficiently store, manage, and track patient records, ultimately facilitating high-quality patient care.

Epic Hyperspace is the front-end application that the healthcare providers and administrative staff use while launching the Epic software. It supports on-prem deployments, which means the installation of the software happens within a local server connecting all the workstations of an organization together.

Epic Hyperdrive is nothing but a web-based version of Hyperspace with a modernized UI and flexible integration capabilities. Equipped with greater functionality and improved system security features, the application is intended to replace the desktop-based application Epic Hyperspace.

Epic Cheers is a healthcare CRM designed to enable healthcare consumerism and improve population health improvement for Epic users. The CRM platform allows healthcare providers to manage millions of patients’ records, automate service workflows for healthcare staff, track patient journey, create personalized outreach campaigns, etc – with one simple mission i.e. to improve patient experience with quality care and service.

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Integrating Epic with Phone Systems using CTI Connector

Though Epic software equips healthcare staff with a comprehensive view of patient care by seamlessly fetching relevant patient data stored in various Epic modules, the capabilities fall short when it’s about integrating the software with third-party applications such as telephony systems.

When stepping a foot into the healthcare contact center industry, knowing your caller is as important as knowing their medical history. Imagine a patient reaching out to a healthcare agent for an urgent medical help and the agent wastes the initial crucial minutes in validating information stored in the various Epic modules. This time could be saved and better patient experience could be delivered if the telephony controls are provided right inside the Epic environment.

This is where the role of Epic CTI Connector comes into play.

Epic CTI Connector is a contact center software that connects business applications including CRMs, Ticketing, and EMR/EHR systems such as Epic with a phone system. The integration embeds a CTI gadget inside the Epic environment , equipping agents with quick call controls and key caller information, resulting in seamless call handling and improved patient experience.

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The Benefits of Epic CTI Integration

Integrating an Epic system with a telephony system helps leverage the power of consolidated data and telephony controls for streamlined service operations and personalized patient care. Here’s how:

⦿ Improved Productivity

What if your agents do not have to manually dial a contact for follow up care? Won’t they be more productive when equipped with capabilities like speed dial, click-to-dial, and integrated dispositions – all within one interface inside the Epic environment? CTI Connector equips healthcare agents with many of such productivity features that ensure the focus remains on delivering prompt and effective service, and not on manual, repetitive tasks.

⦿ Enhanced Patient Care

Personalization is a great way to win patients’ trust and loyalty, and CTI connector has the right capabilities to achieve the same without making things complex for your agents. It allows your agents to have a patient profile page screen popped on their screen as soon as a patient or member calls in. This saves them from repeating information and allows addressing patient concerns without any delay. Furthermore, features like contextual call transfers ensure patients do not have to repeat information when routed between the departments.

⦿ Streamlined service operations

Toggling between the screens during live conversations not only increases the call handling times but also ruins the experience of both agents and patients. Epic CTI connector enables healthcare contact centers to eliminate such unnecessary screen toggles with an integrated CTI interface. Whether it’s about booking an appointment, verifying claims, logging calls, or tracking interaction history – the advanced computer telephony integration ensures actions are taken without switching screens or putting patients on hold.

Final Words

While Epic EHR/EMR systems ensure the safety, security, and accuracy of your healthcare data in all scenarios, CTI connectors ensure that the data is well-integrated and readily available to agents during live patient interactions.

The Computer Telephony Integration helps improve agent efficiency, maximize member and patient satisfaction, and enhance the overall healthcare experience – without overcomplicating things for the agents.

Check out Epic CTI Connectors from NovelVox and learn about the exciting features and capabilities it brings to the table such as ready integration with Epic Hyperspace, Hyperdrive, and Cheers, productivity add-ons, powerful CTI controls, advanced integrations, and more.

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