Save up to $359K each year with NovelVox Cisco Finesse Desktop with ready Epic integration!

Now offering ready Integration with Epic, Cisco Finesse, CRM and bespoke applications.

Does your agent say “Please be on the line, let me put your call on hold to pull the information” multiples times in a call? Well, the agent doesn’t really have a choice. Patient information and appointment scheduling details are pulled from the EMR or EHR, call control and chats are managed by Finesse Gadgets and calls are disposed into CRM or bespoke applications. Isn’t that eating up the Agent’s efficiency and increasing average call duration?According to an independent recent study, each contact center with an average of 250 agents using 3 different platforms for source information can save up to $359K each year with NovelVox Unified Agent Gadgets for Cisco Finesse.

Empower your agents by unifying all your data sources to one Agent Desktop. With NovelVox Agent Desktop for Healthcare, you can seamlessly integrate your EMR/EHR, CRM, Cisco Finesse, and any other 3rd party applications. NovelVox offers ready integration to EPIC, many of the common CRMs, and adapters for bespoke in-house applications. Now Agents can:

  • Automatically confirm Patient Appointments.
  • View Patient’s last five visits: Details including physician name, specialty, notes, department, date and time.
  • View list of absent appointments where patient failed to attend.
  • View waiting lists and outpatient & surgery lists. Including MRN, Numbers, Specialty and Requested Date
  • View discharge lists. This shows discharged patients from the institution, details include MRN, discharge date & time and doctors name,
  • View patient information. Details include Mobile Number, MRN, Name, Date of Birth, Gender, National IDs and Passport Numbers.
  • When a call is patched thru, EMR chart for that patient opens up** (WIP)
  • Integrate to your Ticketing Application
  • And many other productivity-enhancing features.

EPIC Modules Covered
  • Epic Appointment Module (Cadence)
  • Epic Workflow Automation Module (Tapestry)
  • Epic EHR for patient visits (Ambulatory)
  • Epic Workflow module for Organ Transplant (Phoenix)
  • Epic Billing Module (Resolute)
  • Epic ADT Module (Prelude)

Integration Options
  • FHIR Webservices – 10+
  • App Orchard Member
  • HL7 v3

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