Tech Talk on Genesys PureConnect and PureCloud

Genesys PureConnect and PureCloud

Tech talks are knowledge sharing sessions conducted bi-weekly at NovelVox.  This week, we had a session on Genesys PureConnect and PureCloud featuring the integration capabilities of these platforms with NovelVox Agent Desktop and iVision Wallboards. The session was conducted by Harish Kumar and Akshay Kumar on March 4, 2020.

Genesys PureConnect

Genesys PureConnect is a flexible, all-in-one customer experience application that runs both on cloud and on-premises. This simple to administer application comes with multichannel routing support for phone, email, chat, digital channels, video, screen share, and co-browsing.

The application can easily be integrated with NovelVox iVision Wallboards to display real-time statistics.


Role of ICWS Server

ICWS is an acronym used for Interaction Center Web Services. It is a programming API that facilitates building custom applications using the interaction center. The role of ICWS is to provide a rich REST-based API to the application so that a successful connection with the Interaction Server can be made. It performs actions relative to the connected user session and manages the interaction server.

Prerequisite: For a successful connection, the interaction server must have the
“I3_FEATURE_ICWS_SDK” feature license.

Statistics Catalogs

The Statistics Catalog is a repository of pre-defined statistics types that can be retrieved from the IC server through the ICWS statistics API.

Below are a few statistics types that are supported in Genesys PureConnect Statistics Catalog: Agent Statistics, Workgroup Statistics, Queue Statistics, Recorder Statistics, Interaction Statistics, etc.

Genesys PureCloud

PureCloud is a suite of cloud services for enterprise-grade communications, collaboration, and contact center management, which is built on top of Amazon Web Services(AWS).

A PureCloud contact center uses the telephony system of PureCloud Communicate to offer contact center services including interactive voice response (IVR), automatic call distribution(ACD), skills-based routing of phone calls, emails, web, chats, and much more.

The application can easily be integrated with NovelVox iVision Wallboards and Agent Desktops to deliver customized on-cloud contact center solutions.

How it works

To integrate an application with Genesys PureCloud, OAuth ClientApp Generation is required. After logging to the PureCloud platform, the admin can find the OAuth option under the Integrations section.

This displays a list of client applications ready for integration. Select an application and create a new integration depending upon the application requirement.

Tech Talk on Genesys Pureconnect and PureCloud

Specify a grant type, provide application authorization URL, and fulfill other requirements shown in the application step-by-step.

Connecting to Genesys PureCloud ensures greater safety and flexibility to contact centers which further empowers agents and enhances customer experience.

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