Women Empowerment at Workplace
The Essentials of Women Empowerment at Workplace

Recently social media celebrated International Women’s Day 2020 themed at #EachForEqual with lots of enthusiasm. Every social channel be it Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter showered tons of inspirational posts talking about women empowerment and the struggles that a woman faces in her day to day life. Lots of people have liked such posts and showed […]

Tech Talk on Genesys Pureconnect and PureCloud
Tech Talk on Genesys PureConnect and PureCloud

Tech talks are knowledge sharing sessions conducted bi-weekly at NovelVox.  This week, we had a session on Genesys PureConnect and PureCloud featuring the integration capabilities of these platforms with NovelVox Agent Desktop and iVision Wallboards. The session was conducted by Harish Kumar and Akshay Kumar on March 4, 2020. Genesys PureConnect Genesys PureConnect is a […]

REST Web Service
Understanding RESTful Web Services

Web Service works on the principle of the client-server model. The basic idea behind web services is the communication between interoperating software running on different technologies. Web service uses XML to pass structured messages between the client and server. It is a standardized medium to send messages and establish communication between the client and server […]

Product vs Service based Companies
Product-based vs Service-based Companies – Understanding the Core Difference!

IT industry is a huge industry in itself with thousands of organizations building products and providing services across the globe. In the past 20 years, IT has changed the employment history of India. From the agriculture-based economy, India is gradually moving towards Information Technology and making its mark around the world. IT industry is perceived […]

Employee Verification
Everything You Need to Know About the Employment Verification Process

Employment Verification refers to the process of verifying the employment history of an employee with his ex-employers. You will come across professionals who understand the importance of the same and at the same time many of them who do not even know that any such process prevails in the industry. Looking into a candidate’s past […]


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