Is Social Media An Effective Medium For Customer Engagement?

Effective Medium For Customer Engagement

From posting reviews to sharing pictures, from selling products to advertising your brand, social media today has over 3.7 billion users across the world. Most businesses have already made themselves available on social media channels, but are they using it to the fullest to create exceptional customer experience (CX). Here are some tips & tricks most successful businesses follow to enhance their CX.

1. Find and Approach Customers

For social media to turn out as a profitable channel for your business, you need to target the right audience. So, start with identifying your customers/audience, their interest areas, related hashtags, keywords, the time when your audience is most active on the social media platform, pages they visit, etc. These activities help you find your customers and approach them in the right way at the right time. Insights collected from all this research help you identify customer behavior and journey. You can further plan your marketing moves, pitch, offers, and more accordingly.

2. Provide Information

Emails have always been considered a great medium to inform customers of what’s happening in the company. But, there’s a new way to do it, yes, its social media. People are too busy to open their mailbox, and a less catchy subject line might even make them skip the email. There is less likeliness of getting ignored over social media channels. From hashtags to people following your page to setting target audiences with similar interests, there are numerous ways to approach your prospect over channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

It gives you the freedom to express messages as a video, text, image, audio, or more. This also helps in emphasizing the core message and helps people retain it. From sharing information to marketing discounts, social media always has scope for more when it comes to engagement.

3. Brand Marketing

The reputation of a brand is a game-changer. Social media is one of the best platforms to uplift your brand reputation or create brand ambassadors. It allows your customers to become brand representatives or influencers. Knowingly or unknowingly, you have marketers for yourself, such as customers posting pictures, videos, or hashtags related to your business/products. Prospects are likely to get attracted to these acts.

4. Customer Support (Responsive) & Communication

According to a report, 60% of social media users say that they always stay connected over these channels. This makes social channels a great platform for continuous communication. People post queries on the wall of the company, making it for the public to get quick support. Instead of connecting over the phone and being put on hold, people approach the brand through these channels. It is a two-way real-time communication platform. Prompt replies from the customer support team help create a positive image for the brand. People can discuss their good and bad customer service experience on the Facebook wall or Instagram stories. CX Infinity contact center solution helps agents with instant pop-ups or notification or alert to reply promptly. Your target audience can know how quickly and effective your customer service is.

In an era where people don’t find time to check emails or listen to the IVR, social media DM (direct messages) can bring real delight. As per a study, Facebook Messenger messages have an open rate of around 80%. Now you know the potential of social media channels for your business.

5. Hear out the Customers

Customers many a time carry the notion that businesses have no time to listen to them until they post something negative. This demand for hearing the customer can be well met with customer engagement over social media channels. It is a universe of information where people post their opinion, reviews, experience, complaints, and more. From live-streaming to stories, people speak their hearts and mind out aloud. This will help your business know what’s in your customer’s mind. And, your agents will be able to offer services to customers in a more appropriate manner. Creating customer experience like never before!

6. Omnichannel Solution

Toggling all social media platforms will reduce the efficiency of agents and make them anytime lose the conversation context. So, instead of growing, your customer service might soon see a decline. The simple solution is to opt for an omnichannel solution like CXInfinity that empowers an agent to access all social media channels or even more on a single interface. It offers instant notification for agents to know where your customer is pitching what for quick replies. The power of integration also provides customer information for a personalized experience. Click here to know more about CXInfinity.

Omnichannel Solution

To wrap up, customers are always searching for new and interactive mediums to communicate with a brand. Your business must make the best use of channels and ways described above can do wonders in improving CX in no time.

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