How Government Contact Center Can Deal with US Federal Cost-Cutting

Government Contact Center

Contact centers have undergone tremendous ups and downs since inception. US Federal cost-cutting on government contact centers is yet another historic event. Where the U.S. government’s budget deficit rose to $867 billion from $183 billion in 2019. But this situation of financial deficit cannot be an excuse for poor service experience. Government contact centers are undergoing a continuous tug-of-war between restrained budgets and increasing service demands. This makes it challenging to deliver citizens excellent caller satisfaction.

To deal with such limitations and still have optimum delivery, is not child’s play. This makes it imperative to have a unified contact center solution for all government services. So, your county or government agency needs

1. Centralized Contact Center System

There are government agencies and counties that are catering to various kinds of services. A centralized contact center system will work on the principles of integration and help you to fetch citizens’ data on the agent’s desktop screen without the need for toggling screens. This will empower and equip contact center agents with the information required to handle different departments. Subsequently, increasing the efficiency of the agent and reduces the average handling time (AHT). It will save the county or government agency from making any new investment in increasing the headcounts on the contact center floor.

2. Optimized Unique Desktop

In addition to integration with different services, you need an agent desktop that can be further optimized for each department. This will allow agents to view only the fields that are essential for the service they are discussing with the citizens. It will save time consumed in asking citizens the information that’s important but not visible on the agent’s desktops. This will help contact center agents to have a better first-call resolution (FCR), enhancing caller experience. Subsequently increasing the capabilities of agents to handle large call volumes without compromising on quality.

3. Reduced Training Cost

Not every agent has the expertise to handle numerous departments simultaneously neither there are enough resources to invest in their training. Here, in a cost-cutting scenario, you need to have solutions that save a significant amount consumed on the training of agents with its series of agent scripts. This will make your agents efficient enough to handle citizens’ issues or queries. The scripts need to be auto-created with adherence to the compliances and regulatory requirements. Such an agent desktop will increase agents’ productivity by enabling them to handle multiple departments even if new on the floor.

4. Supervision and Monitoring via Wallboards

In a scenario where your government contact center is restricted by monetary resources, it is imperative to supervise agents’ performance and guide them accordingly. Along with an agent desktop, you need an advanced supervisor desktop for counties & governments where a supervisor can anytime barge in, do silent monitoring, reskill, and more. Also, monitor real-time team performance stats to motivate agents to perform better with wallboards. The information should be accessible from mobile dashboards as well. This will allow supervisors to keep an eye on what’s happening even when not in their seats.

So, here’s a packaged solution with all the above features to deal with cost-cutting. It is NovelVox City Assist.

NovelVox City Assist

Other benefits of City Assist

In addition to the above features, NovelVox City Assist also offers-
• Caller information and concern details based on IVR feeds offering quick resolution and positive feedback
• Access to the entire knowledge base for assistance while handling complex queries over a call thereby increasing the productivity of the agent.

To wrap up, NovelVox City Assist is a cost-effective one-stop solution to optimize the workforce that creates happy citizens with faster addressing of issues. Thus, enhancing the overall productivity of agents and keeping them happy.

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