Era of Awakening into Gender Equality : International Women’s Day Special


International Women’s Day is observed around the world on 8th March every year as a notion to honour the economical, social and cultural achievements of women. The purpose behind is to acknowledge the efforts and contributions they make to society each day. Women all around experience the shackles of injustice and discrimination which slows down the pace of evolution.

In today’s day and age, where we encourage people to be vocal, women are still not given the basic right – the freedom of speech. The world needs to change in order to become a place where gender equality is not just a dream but something we could experience in our day to day lives. Being chained down by expectations and the norms of society will always continue to act as a boundation until the people around the globe do not come together to fight for the cause. Everyone, everywhere, be it big or little, needs to contribute to the movement if they want to eradicate something as ancient as stereotypes against women.

In terms of awakening for gender equality at workplaces, many have realized how powerful they could feel when breaking the bias and giving opportunity to the one who is worthy. Not just gender but moving beyond all stereotypes is what’s going to help us as a society move towards a more evolved & civilized place. We at NovelVox believe that a person’s biggest asset is their skill set irrespective of the gender they belong to, which is why we have built up our community filled with work-oriented employees. The main focus remains on the efforts of the individual as they strive to deliver the results to achieve the common goals.

In terms of capabilities, gender has no effect on and should not be a determining factor of the individuals’ professional journeys and goals. Here at NV, we have outstanding women leading different teams and surpassing challenges that fall in their way stopping them from accomplishing the end result. We value the ideas, regardless of who is giving the idea and try to comprehend the thought process behind to forge our way forward.

There is nothing more empowering than being able to live your life without any constraints imposed by others. Standing up for something which truly makes you feel alive is what makes us humans. In this world, no role is gender specific, which is why with Courage, as one of our Core Values, we give importance to talent and steer clear from any discriminations, be it gender or other stereotypes and stand in solidarity with this year’s theme for International Women’s Day 2022, #BreaktheBias.

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