4 Reasons Why Video Is The New Superhero In The World Of CX

Superhero In The World Of CX

Omnichannel customer experience is all that the businesses and brands are talking about. Where 9 out of 10 customers expect a seamless omnichannel experience, most companies have already started embracing it. And out of many digital engagement platforms, one that’s growing at a rapid pace is the video live chat solution. No, no, it’s not us who’s saying this it’s the stats that is shouting it loud for all of us.

  • 89% of users say online video calling keeps them connected
  • 93% of banks believe video improve customer satisfaction
  • 90% of people say video make things easier to understand

Video chat is no more limited to merely a family or friends’ call over hangout and Whatsapp. It has leaped dramatically into the future of banking, real-time assistance, and more. From video KYC to a small yoga class in the town, the video chat tool picks up like a wildfire.

Why have video chat software for your contact center?

Video live chat software for websites is a game-changer when it comes to exceptional customer experience. Some of the benefits are

1. Higher agent efficiency & reduced AHT:

Video calling reduces customer’s to and fro with a brand and reduces touchpoints with one-to-one interaction. There are chances of misinterpretation, poor understanding of context and emails, chats or calls, but there is no scope for any misses over a video chat. You can clearly express the intent, understand customer’s issues, and guide them throughout the journey with video connections. A process that needed the customer to follow up for a few days now can be closed in a few chats. Further, allowing the agent to handle more calls in less time and taking all to the resolution. An agent can share documents, send text messages, and video chat in a single go.

2. Improved customer onboarding:

Time has changed significantly, especially with the uncertainties prevailing around. No customer is willing to visit a bank or credit union office unless very urgent physically. This is where video KYC is becoming the need of the hour. It gives way to seamless onboarding and customer authentication process in a contactless manner. The multiple online customer KYC steps help in proper verification, leaving no need for physical visits or chances of discrepancies or theft. Even Cx Infinity offers eKYC for Banks that offer superfast onboarding and reduced drop-offs.

3. In-person assistance:

Video calling offers an in-store feel with personalized assistance to every individual. This in-person assistance does wonders for customers starting with the loan process. Loan disbursals can be discussed over video chat. This allows a quick pass/fail of a request by the credit manager. Customers can be guided to initiate EMI payment, submit documents and more. It is also a helping hand for software installation or a boutique business to connect emotionally with customers.

4. Improved CX:

Since there is no loss of context and real-time assistance with video chat, your contact center can offer a seamless customer experience every time. Personalized interactions, quick and quality resolutions, and no reason to physically visit the store/bank is a delight for every customer. There is a human touch in the service that grows CSAT and NPS for a brand.

To wrap up, it is important to know that most companies have started with video chat support to assist customers and other digital channels proactively. Cx Infinity – digital omnichannel engagement platform, offers a video chat solution for Cisco contact centers with its single-box solution. It’s time to make the most of technology with Cx Infinity and always delight all your customers.

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