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Turn Gigabytes of Contact Center data into actionable intelligence

iVision contact center wallboards are designed for organizations who require real-time contact center performance monitoring. iVision is compatible with Cisco, Genesys and Avaya Contact Center Platforms.

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iVision contact center transforms the gigabytes of data that your ACD, IVR (and other) generates into actionable and clear information that promotes your contact center performance to executives, agents, and call managers alike.

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Reach all your

Communicate vital operational information to all your agents quickly and keep your contact center running smoothly.

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Create focused wallboard content and metrics relevant to your contact center and agents.

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Use real-time contact center data to make informed decisions before they become a problem.

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Key Performance Metrics

Set, monitor and manage KPI thresholds. Receive Audio/Visual alerts, SMS or Email when thresholds breached.

Real power comes from being able to ‘mash up’ contact center data from multiple sources to provide a view that is relevant to particular call center activities or priorities at a definitive point in time. This “view” is displayed graphically, empowering & motivating supervisors and agents alike.

iVision has multiple views based on real contact center experience that provides transformational insight into contact center performance, leading to informed decisions.

Seat Plan at Glance

iVision Seatplan Wallboard for Contact Center


iVision Contact Center Gaification Wallboards

Health Digital Signage

iVision Healthcare Digital Signage

Mobile Wallboard

mobile iVision Touch Wallboard

Identify faulty seats or areas of inactivity across all your contact center sites

Use iVision Gamification Wallboards to motivate and empower your agents

Improve visitor experience and reduce unnecessary reception inquiries

Never miss an alert. Mobile contact center metrics for Apple iOS and Android.

Completely Configurable with iVision Interactive Designer Studio

Drag & Drop web based design Studio

No programming experience required to create reports

20 out of box dashlets to get you started fast

3 step process to configure APIs

Thresholds customization for each dashlet

Real-time statistics available at design time

iVision Wallboard Designer Studio

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