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Contact Center Experience on the Go

NovelVox Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent app connects agents anywhere in the world with Cisco Finesse contact center. Cisco mobile solutions provide all facilities of an agent desktop to agents out in the field. You can utilize them by strategically placing them where they are required the most.

  • Empower agents to deliver the next level of customer service from anywhere in the world
  • Provide mobility & flexibility to agents—and help them deliver a quality customer experience
  • Strategically place agents where they are required the most

Rapid Customization & Deployment

NovelVox Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent app can be easily optimized as per the changing business requirements using NovelVox Finesse Gadget Designer (Drag and Drop Tool). Keep augmenting your app with new use cases when the need arises. New agent workflows can be made available without any need to re-distribute the mobile app.

  • Optimized Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent app interface that best suits your team’s requirements
  • Modify Mobile Agent app features as per your operational needs
  • Provides flexibility to an agent with easy development—making it highly convenient
  • Develop & deploy bespoke mobile gadgets using NovelVox Finesse Gadget Designer
  • Compatible with UCCE/X and PCCE

Advanced Out of the Box Features

You can integrate and add components to the Cisco UCCX Mobile Agent app using out of box features. Some of those components include—call control gadget, agent statistics, call statistics, alerts/notifications, call wrap and tagging, call follow up, customer information screen pop, reports, etc.

  • Connected via internet or VPN
  • Location-based agent tracking
  • Easy integration with eGain, SAP, Salesforce, NICE, Service Now, Oracle Applications, Epic, Citrix, etc.
  • Get same functionality and capabilities as a local agent

Know the Caller

NovelVox Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent app enables agents to know their caller info prior to answering the call. NovelVox makes it possible by offering an advanced, true integrated experience to the agents. It integrates with core industry applications to offer an experience of effective communication.

  • True integrated contact center solution for mobile
  • Know your caller details to offer swift services
  • Easily integrate mobile agent with third-party application
  • Ready integration to 40+ applications

How Does it Benefit Contact Centers?

Utilize your subject experts more effectively, and include them into your customer engagement strategy with Cisco Finesse Mobile Agent app. It will empower agents to provide an unprecedented level of customer service.

  • Utilize subject experts more effectively in your customer management strategy
  • Reduce costs by easily catering for sudden demand surges with off-site/work from home agents
  • Cisco Finesse Mobile agent app will provide a complete view of the caller via back-end integration access
  • Low-cost implementation with the most competitive pricing model

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