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Genesys Agent Desktop

Boost your contact center productivity and achieve more with integrated agent workspace for Genesys Contact Centers — Genesys Cloud, Genesys PureEngage, and Genesys PureConnect.

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Single ‘Integrated’ View

Get a single integrated view of all the information on your Genesys Agent Desktop by seamlessly integrating it with your existing third-party applications. It merges data from all the applications & core systems and displays it on a single screen, providing agents complete access to the customer and product information.
Genesys Agent Desktop
Agent Desktop for Genesys Contact Centers

Biggest library of Integration with Genesys Contact Center

Integrate your Agent Desktop with the industry’s leading third-party applications and improve the performance of your Genesys Contact Center. Choose from a library of 75+ CRM, Ticketing, EMR/EHR, Banking Applications, Legacy systems, and more applications. 

Genesys integration with some popular applications:

Know Your Caller

Let your agents know the caller even before the call is answered. Get the caller’s details as soon as the call connects and greet the caller by name to deliver customer delight.

Agent Desktop for Genesys
Genesys Agent Desktop for Call Centers

View Screen as per IVR Inputs

Genesys Agent Desktops help you deliver better call resolutions, enabling agents to take more calls in a day. It dynamically populates the relevant caller information as per the “Reason for the Call” to give the agents a head start.

Optimized Agent Desktops for your Business

Enhance your AHT, FCR, and overall productivity by choosing a customized Agent Desktop for your Genesys contact centers, specifically designed to cater to your industry-specific business needs.

Agent Desktop for Geneys Call Center
customize with drag n drop

Customize with Drag & Drop Designer

Modify/change workspace fields as per the requirement using easy to use, no-code Drag & Drop Designer Studio.


Genesys Desktop is a thin-client, web-based desktop application that acts as a unified interface for Genesys Agent and Genesys Supervisor workspaces. It enables Supervisors and Agents to handle voice and digital interactions from one single screen. It also equips Supervisors with monitoring controls and actions to enable them to monitor and assist agents in real-time.

Agent Desktop, designed specifically for the Genesys Contact Center, enhances the efficiency of the Agent workspace by offering agents a customized, industry-optimized, 360-degree view of customer information. It comes with the biggest integration library that seamlessly integrates all the leading business applications and core industry systems with the Genesys Agent Workspace, ensuring agents don’t have to spend time on unnecessary screen switches. It effortlessly fits within the Genesys environment and can be customized as per unique business needs.

Agent Desktop for Genesys by NovelVox supports the following deployment models:

  • On-Prem – For Genesys PureConnect, Engage, and Cloud
  • On Cloud – For Genesys PureConnect and Cloud

Yes, Agent Desktop supports seamless integration with all the Genesys Workspaces including their native email and chat features leveraging open API accessibility. The integration enables screen popping relevant customer information based on UID on the agent’s screen which helps personalize CX and improves agents’ productivity.

Yes, it is. The standalone version of the application supports seamless integration with Genesys’ native embeddable framework for standalone environments.

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