Oracle + CTI: Give Your Business The Competitive Edge It Deserves

Oracle CTI Integration

Some brand names speak volumes about the business’s reputation and Oracle is one of them. Being a preferred brand globally for its stack of cloud products, Oracle is deeply mindful of market trends and business expectations.

This blog explores how businesses that have deployed Oracle products can maximize their output in terms of better customer service delivery, improved agent performance, and more satisfied customers using a CTI Connector in their contact centers.

What Does Oracle Do?

Oracle provides products and services that address the enterprises’ IT environments. Globally renowned for its robust database management system and enterprise software solution, Oracle is widely adopted by businesses across the globe. Some of its prominent tools include

  • Database Management System 
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) 
  • Cloud Computing Systems
  • Supply Chain Management and more.

Some of its solutions include Siebel, Oracle Service Cloud, and Fusion.

What Makes Oracle the Most Preferred Solution for Industries?

Do you know what’s the one thing common to Netflix, Linkedin, Airbnb, Cisco, and Intel?
Apart from being multi-billion dollar enterprises, they all rely on the diverse applications and offerings of Oracle for their operations. You might be curious as to why large successful enterprises swear by Oracle.

There are many reasons for this:

What Makes Oracle the Most Preferred Solution for Industries

Most importantly it knows the current market requirements. Having millions of functionalities that address customer needs without impacting performance, Oracle also offers hundreds of tools to monitor and optimize the data.

When you start a business or a startup, the one thing you cannot compromise on is data but should managing that data take a major chunk of your time, you’ll hardly reach anywhere. Any business would want a hassle-free, reliable data management solution that does its job well and requires minimum intervention on your end. This is exactly what Oracle does.

The simplicity of operation, versatility, and reliability of Oracle products have led to its integration into many successful companies’ operations.

However, businesses often struggle to seamlessly manage customer data across various tools and applications deployed in a company.

A CTI software solution is the answer to hassle-free business operations while leveraging the features and capabilities of Oracle offerings.

The Missing “Integration” Gap in Your Business

Suppose you are a banking contact center that uses the Oracle Service Cloud platform to manage your data. High call volumes are a given in your industry. Day in and day out agents are caught up with queries related to transactions, credit/debit cards, investment schemes, and more.

Sure, the Service Cloud would help you manage truckloads of data easily and effectively but would it be enough to help agents deliver impressionable customer service? Evidently not.

Gaps in Contact Centers that Hinder Your Busienss Success

This is because no matter how in-sync and organized your customer data is, there are chances that it’s going be scattered across a range of applications that a banking industry might be using plus the standard CRM and databases. For an industry that has to tackle a huge call volume, hopping from one application to another for fetching customer data is a huge externality.

Plus, customers today just don’t expect a faster response in the name of customer service, they are looking for a lot more, personalization, and digital omnichannel services to name a few.

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The One Tool for Every Oracle Solution: CTI Connectors

CTI is a technology that brings your business telephony and CRM/ data management systems together, creating a seamless flow of information between applications/tools.

As we know Oracle is a web of interconnected applications and software solutions wherein each Oracle product/ application comes with its environment. With a CTI Connector, you can easily connect any of these Oracle environments with your telephony system. Let’s understand this with the help of three Oracle solutions and their integration with CTI Connectors.

1. Oracle Service Cloud CTI

Digital engagement is a standard for businesses today. Companies big and small have diversified their communication touchpoints to attract customers and position themselves as a brand that pays heed to what customers want. The Oracle Service Cloud – a part of Oracle’s connected CX suite helps your business achieve this differentiating factor by offering visibility across multiple interaction channels.

Oracle Service Cloud CTI

Aided with a CTI Connector, businesses can enhance the visibility and accessibility of customer data by enabling a seamless flow of information across multiple channels. For a customer, this brings the independence to switch channels without fearing that a new channel would mean starting interaction from scratch. Thus, saving them the frustration of repeating the same set of details again and again.

As for the agent, it would translate to better productivity parameters since they can access the entire customer interaction on their unified interface without having to hop between channel tabs to figure out what the customer needs.

How does this benefit your business?

For starters, it brings down AHT and allows context-based interactions to happen which saves time for both parties involved. Instead of treating a long-time customer as a stranger on the other end, the integrated solution allows you to give your customers the attention they crave. You greet them on a first-name basis and are ready with a solution/ offer based on their last interaction, irrespective of the channel, which does leave an impression.
Over time, these contextual personalized interactions would ensure customer loyalty and a rational revenue stream for your business.

💡 Download Whitepaper | Explore the many possibilities of CTI Connector Integration

2. Oracle Siebel CTI

The Oracle Siebel CRM is a scalable solution preferred for even the most complex organizations. With its unique integration and customization capabilities, you can call this an architecture for a truly personalized user experience, and it can be deployed both on-prem and in the cloud.

The integration of Siebel with a CTI Connector helps improve your customer service delivery and makes a case for ensuring happy customers. How?

The CTI connector brings your contact center telephony and Seibel CRM together, which brings a range of features and capabilities to the fore.

Features of Seibel CRM CTI Integration

The natural outcome of these features is that they give a boost to the agent’s productivity. Agents get rid of the manual labor involved in dialing numbers, looking for customer details between applications, logging call details post the call, etc. The Oracle CTI Connector brings all call controls on a single unified screen before them.

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The intelligent call routing feature keeps track of the agent availability status and directs calls to customers with the right expertise and of course availability. This simple feature goes a long way in ensuring that the customers are not tossed around from one agent to the next or kept on hold for long before the agent shows up.

Further, screen pops of customer details save agents the time spent looking for customer information and allow them to leverage the margin of personalized service because they know who is calling before the customer utters a hello. Impressionable customer service for sure.

3. Oracle Fusion Cloud CTI

Let’s go back to the banking contact center that we discussed above. We saw that agents were burdened with high call volumes and were struggling to manage that. But what’s also important to note is that Banking is a data-sensitive industry where inaccurate information can lead to real-life monetary losses. So agents are expected to juggle two responsibilities at the same time: manage the call volumes and ensure data integrity and security are not compromised.

The Oracle Fusion Cloud is the solution that can help your industry amp up your game security on the twin fronts of security & compliance along with robust analytics. The Fusion Cloud also equips businesses with machine learning capabilities and seamless integration, creating a ground for optimizing operations based on data-driven decisions.

Now, what more can a CTI Connector add to this range of capabilities? Let’s see.

Customer Identification and Authentication

Do your agents still rely on security questions as a way to authenticate customers on phones? Wonder how many customers would be willing to recall their dog’s birthday while wanting to do an important transaction. Further, with deep fakes in the picture, these security strategies might not stand the test of technology. Interestingly, a CTI Connector can aid your authentication mechanisms.

💡 Download Guide | The Ultimate Guide to Customer Identification and Authentication 

Integrating the Oracle Fusion Cloud and CTI Connector helps automate the authentication mechanism by seamlessly binding the different contact center applications together. This creates an integrated view of the customer which can help your agents identify the customer even before they utter a hello. Further, integration with third-party voice applications can also establish customer identity-based voice patterns, behavior, and profile matches, an effective strategy to sniff out deepfakes.

Intelligent Analytics

Coming to the analytics part, the Oracle Fusion CRM CTI solution manages that quite well too. Enabling the real-time updation of data and a seamless track of customer interaction history allows agents to get a border picture of the customer in terms of their preferences, likes, and dislikes. This data can help improve the agent’s performance as well. The NovelVox CTI Connectors, for example, offer team statistics and queue statistics features to monitor and evaluate the agent’s performance.

Also when it comes to analyzing the interaction/ business trends allowing executives to lay out a holistic strategy based on data, CTI integration can come in handy.


Oracle is probably one of the most comprehensive solutions out there but integration with a CTI Connector can take its functionalities and performance to the next level. For businesses wanting to achieve a competitive edge in a cut-throat market, it’s important to invest in technologies that resolve your issues rather than become another addition to your technology stack. NovelVox CTI Connectors do exactly that by helping you leverage the capabilities of Oracle and achieve business outcomes in terms of saved time, better agent performance, streamlined customer experiences, and more.

Oracle CTI Integration

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