How Avaya Salesforce Integration Improves Patient Interaction?

Avaya Salesforce Integration Improves Patient Interaction

Across the shifting healthcare landscape, patient expectations are changing fast, placing new demands on healthcare providers. Your healthcare contact center is the first interaction that patients have with your organization and inevitably holds the power to shape patient experience in a meaningful way. The blog explores the many challenges faced by the healthcare contact center today and how they can accelerate their support and services to patients with the right tools and strategies.

Care Sector and its Complications

While healthcare organizations strive hard to serve patients well, the patient experience remains hard to improve for several reasons. Consumers in any sector want ease and convenience. Yet, every patient is different, and there’s a need to strike out the “ One size fits all” approach, especially with personalization making considerable strides in healthcare.

Avaya Salesforce

From the traditional payments system to a shift towards value-based reimbursements and increasing privatization of care means that, at the organizational level, patient care can be at odds with the business of running a healthcare system. This “age of patient” calls upon caregivers to break down navigation barriers and guide patients towards more connected journeys.

Salesforce CTI Integration

Healthcare with Avaya Salesforce Integration

As caregivers aspire to make patient journeys more straightforward and connected, they ought to be equipped with the right tools to enable collaboration and information sharing. It is precisely the kind of problem that the Healthcare Contact Center can resolve through Avaya Salesforce integration.

What is Avaya Salesforce Integration?

Integrating the Avaya Agent desktop with Salesforce offers enhanced information to agents like call statistics, patient journeys, etc. Empowering them to deliver excellent care services to the patient. The single-screen view of the patient data equips caregivers to handle patient queries better without switching between multiple screens to find information. Patient information is known to the agent even before the call, allowing them to personalize conversations and offer better call resolutions.

Here’s how Avaya Salesforce integration offers better patient outreach and proactive assistance:

1. A More Connected Health Experience

According to EY, in the next three years, 83% of organizations are looking to phase out legacy IT systems and accelerate the introduction of new digital technologies like AI, chatbots, audio, video, and web solutions to help guide patient journeys and create experiences that matter.

Avaya Salesforce Integration

The Avaya Salesforce integration can help healthcare customers meet their unique vertical needs by focusing on the integration of data and end-to-end patient experience. The process of a more connected health experience also stems from driving emotional, emphatic relations while breaking down barriers to care and enabling a seamless flow of data, which the integration offers.

2. Pro-active Patient Outreach

The patient interaction solution improves clinical productivity by automating routine processes and expanding patient interaction in and outside the hospital. It not only boosts patient satisfaction but also improves patient recovery.

⦿ Pre-treatment

Nearly one-third of healthcare providers missed more than 21% of scheduled appointments.

The automated patient outreach reminds the patient to book appointments. In contrast, the Patient Appointment reminder can reduce the need for dedicated staff and increase facility utilization by identifying cancellations automatically and maximizing the number of patients who show up for scheduled appointments. Connecting with healthcare professionals in a personalized manner before treatment can also decrease patient pre-admission anxiety.

⦿ Post-discharge

Healthcare providers can encourage patient self-care and minimize preventable readmissions by tracking patient progress after discharge. The patient payment recovery process offers a simple, automated way for patients to make payments while helping protect patient information. The solution enhances staff productivity by minimizing the need to follow up with patients manually by collecting health readings, measurements, and responses.

Patient Engagement Strategies

3. Better Patient Personalization

With all patient details available in a unified view, agents can provide better-personalized patient service and engage proactively by reminding them about upcoming visits, refilling prescriptions, and providing updates on healthcare services. Deepen the patient and caregiver relationship with a connected experience through the patient journey stages. Aside from patient enrollment to payment and post-discharge, Avaya and salesforce integration enhance personalized care. Explore the top benefits of Salesforce Integration here.

4. Unified View of Patient Information

While interacting with a healthcare call center, the one thing worse than extended hold times is an uninformed call center agent about patient history, upcoming appointments, and other details. It prevents a well-informed conversation between the two parties. A 360-degree view of the patient journey with Avaya Salesforce integration gives complete patient details to the agents every time. This saves time and delivers the best service without any possible delays and misinformation. Patients don’t have to keep repeating themselves and can get customer support faster.

Unified view of patient information

Watch Demo Video: How you can use Agent Desktop For Healthcare

5. Collect Patient Feedback at the Right Time

Patients can be served better if caregivers learn about patient preferences and strategize their services accordingly. The Avaya Salesforce integration maximizes response rates to patient feedback surveys. If patients are unresponsive to emails and texts, the task can also be routed to a call center agent.

Re-imaging the Patient Interaction & Experience

If you want patients to make your organization their choice of healthcare, a positive patient experience is a must. Caregivers should strive to make the patient experience as comforting as possible, from personalization to self-service. Here are a few ways to revamp your healthcare services for a better patient experience:

1. Connected Patient Journeys

Healthcare organizations have an opportunity to create connected patient journeys that can guide patient interactions while maximizing agent productivity and efficiency. The journey begins with the very first interaction while attracting prospective patients. Caregivers must build trust at every service point, from rescheduling appointments to managing care. Finally, it involves keeping patients on the path to better outcomes with ongoing engagement and support. With Avaya Salesforce integration, healthcare organizations have a unified view of the patient across every touchpoint and can help develop deeper relationships, trust, and loyalty. Click here to learn how you can use Unified Agent Desktop to accelerate agents’ efficiency.

Connected Patient Journey Checklist

2. Attracting More Patients

Consumers across every sector today are spoiled for choice. In the healthcare sector, too, leading organizations understand that they need to get more thoughtful about how they attract patients. With dashboards built into Salesforce, caregivers can track referring accounts, identify the ones poised for growth and direct the agents about how they can better invest their time and energies. This way, agents would spend less time filling out reports and more time addressing patient queries. All prospects can be tracked from a single console, no matter where they come from- via phone, digital ad, or web form. The single view makes it easier to follow up and lets you track prospects right from awareness to consideration to finally becoming a patient.

3. Serving Better

Coordinating care is of critical importance when it comes to delivering on the vision of patient-centricity. Unfortunately, many families suffer due to:

⦾ Lack of information about the pre-requisites
⦾ Missing data in medical records and
⦾ Lost referrals

Serving patients is not limited to care- to win patients’ trust, every need of theirs needs to be addressed- right from where to park to how to schedule an appointment!

The Avaya Salesforce integration understands the patient journey holistically, allowing caregivers to offer contextual support and work as a team to synchronize outreach and follow-up with patients and families.

The Virtual Patient Journey

4. Delightful Engagement

Effective patient engagement is based on simplified, personalized, and connected experiences before, during, and after the care episodes. For instance, sending appointment reminders through text messages or emails and communicating what pre-work needs to happen beforehand ensures everyone is set up for success. The Avaya and Salesforce integration helps your organization shift towards value-based care with increased engagement not only with patients but amongst care teams. It further breaks down barriers to siloed communication, thus increasing the efficiency of care delivery.

Wrap Up:

It has never been a more exciting time for the healthcare ecosystem. With the technological changes, there is an opportunity to reimagine the patient journey to thrive in an era of value-based care. Instead of investing in many platforms with limited interoperability, choosing the tools with the proper function can be one smart way to address your pressing patient needs. From attracting patients to service to ongoing engagement, the Avaya Salesforce integration can help you deliver better outcomes for your patients while improving organizational productivity and efficiency.

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